Hamlin (NFL) vs Pronger (NHL), the tale of 2 contact sports hits that were catastrophic, you view, you decide

by Paul Alexander

Take a look at the video of the hit very carefully and you slow it down if necessary.
You would see that Hamlin’s torso is at an angle and he rolls through the impact and actually uses the other player’s momentum to throw him to the ground. He put himself in the other player’s way and knew exactly what he was doing, and was clearly ready to absorb the impact. This is how we see it.

Moreover, the point where the other player’s shoulder hits him appears to be to the left of what we've been told is the commotio cordis sweet spot, the sternum which in American Football is padded. Based on what we are seeing, it does not appear to be a case of commotio cordis. What do you think when you look at it?

The NFL and other sundry pundits were very quick to roll out commotio cordis as a cause, along with the Chris Pronger video. It’s almost as though they had it teed up, ready to go for just such an incident. Akin to the rapid ambulance and AED response which is tremendous but do you think they were expecting this due to the COVID vaccine?

Do you trust or believe anything these people in the hospital, the media, CDC, any of them, the media doctors? After 3 years of full in your face lies by all the public health officials. I do not! Every single thing regarding COVID they told us was flat wrong with the biggest culprits being Fauci, Birx etc. Our family doctors, all types of doctors and scientists became the greatest liars of them all!


Below is the Pronger video for comparison. He gets nailed by a puck (a much more likely inducer of "commotio cordis") and his heart starts going nuts and he collapses. Major difference: He does not appear to lose consciousness and looks to be still quite lucid (and moving his left arm) when they take him off the ice on a stretcher.

Again, you view, you decide. One video clearly shows a case of commotio cordis. The other (Hamlin) does not. But you make your own decision. We may be wrong and are allowed to ask questions so that the truth is known, especially as to COVID gene injection status.