Hang them all high! Hang any government official, any health care official, CDC, NIH, FDA, NIAID, HHS, PHAC, Health Canada, SAGE etc., any MP, MPPs, Ministers, PMs, Presidents of any nation

by Paul Alexander

anyone, all involved in mRNA technology who brought death, all, anyone who cannot defend what they did, all whose actions & policies killed people e.g. lockdowns & vaccine & court says hang! then hang

If we get them to proper legal forums, proper courts, tribunals, all medical doctors in US, Canada, UK etc. whose actions denied treatment, who facilitated lockdowns and the fraud deadly COVID vaccine, all who courtrooms show they contributed to deaths, and judges, juries and courts say financial penalties and prison time is in order, and if they say place the death penalty on the table, I say place it on the table and consider it. If a judge says wrong doers in COVID should be hanged, I will not argue with the judge, I will step back as they are hung! I will not go against a legal court or judge. Hang them high then, in the public square for what these beasts did in COVID. They must pay! After legal redress has its turn. ONLY after proper legal inquiry and judge rulings. We follow the judges ONLY. No kangaroo or societal mob justice. But if court says hang, then we hang. We impose death penalty no matter who it is. Blood for blood, they killed people by their criminal unscientific actions. We show no mercy in this case.