Horowitz: The failure of the mRNA shots is on display for all with open eyes; imagine this, Africa is and will win this vaccine insanity given its low vaccine uptake

by Paul Alexander

Excellent piece by Horowitz



“Based on the RCTs with the longest possible follow-up, mRNA vaccines had no effect on overall mortality despite protecting against fatal COVID-19.”

This bizarre, yet revealing conclusion of a recent preprint Danish study in the prestigious Lancet should be international news, yet only a few Americans are aware of it. A first-of-its-kind long-term follow-up of over 74,000 adult participants in the Moderna and Pfizer trials found absolutely no all-cause mortality benefit from the two mRNA shots, despite the pandemic of a lifetime. As of Jan. 2022, there were a total of 31 all-cause deaths among those in either the Pfizer or Moderna trial groups and 30 in the placebo groups. A study of Curevac, a third mRNA vaccine created by a German biopharmaceutical company, recorded eight deaths in the trial group and six in the placebo.

Now, consider the fact that people are being denied treatment, kidney transplants, entry into mental health facilities, and the ability to earn a livelihood for not getting the shots.

This study, which was funded by the Danish government, sought to contrast the results of all-cause mortality among those in the mRNA trials compared to those in the adenovirus-vector vaccine trials (J&J and AstraZeneca). While the real-world results don’t seem to show any benefit from any of the COVID shots, this study claims an all-cause mortality benefit from the two non-MRNAs. But remember, nearly everyone in America has gotten at least one dose of an mRNA shot, as J&J is not even recommended as the first choice by the CDC and the AstraZeneca shot is not available.

So how is it that mRNAs had no effect on all-cause mortality but protect against fatal COVID? Well, either they don’t really protect against COVID, or the nominal benefit is washed away by the mortality from adverse events. For example, among the Pfizer trials, there were two deaths in the control group and one in the trial group. Typically, we wouldn’t draw conclusions from such low numbers to suggest the shots work against fatal COVID. On the other hand, researchers found nine cardiovascular deaths among the trial group but only six among the placebo group and 14 “non accident, non-covid deaths” among the trial group but only 11 among the placebo group.

“As COVID-19 mortality comes under better control due to herd immunity and increasing vaccination coverage, the impact on non-COVID-19 mortality becomes particularly important from a public health perspective,” concluded the authors. Gee, you think? The authors concede that the clinical trials were mainly conducted on healthy adults. They surmise that for sicker adults, the mRNAs might have induced a better mortality result, but that is pure speculation. What is clear, however, is that the mRNA vaccine makers understood that there was no mortality benefit for healthy people and pushed the shots on them anyway, even though they came with substantial non-COVID risk of adverse events.

As for the efficacy of any of these shots against COVID itself, it’s sure hard to find any geographical-based epidemiological analysis that supports such a hypothesis. New Zealand is a perfect case study, because the country had hardly any COVID deaths for the first two years of the pandemic. As an island state, it clearly kept out most of the virus well through 2021, once every vulnerable adult had a chance to be vaccinated. According to the NZ ministry of health, every age bracket has achieved higher than a 90% vaccination rate except for those ages 5-11. Also, more than half of all adults, especially those in vulnerable categories, have boosters.

Thus, New Zealand lived out the COVID bio-state dream. The population fully locked down until three doses were available. Thus, they should be experiencing no COVID, and certainly no COVID deaths, right? Well, in fact, New Zealand experienced nearly all of its deaths precisely after all of this was accomplished in March 2022! And with the mildest of variants!

And roughly 98% of all confirmed cases in New Zealand occurred after February 2022.

Consider the fact that as late in the pandemic as Nov. 4, 2021, New Zealand recorded just 29 COVID deaths. Now the country has 469. Something is not right. Remember, Omicron barely replicates in human lungs and is fundamentally an upper respiratory infection. If there’s any country that achieved the goal of “lock down until everyone is vaccinated,” it’s New Zealand. If the shots are as successful against critical illness from COVID as they say it is, we should not be seeing these numbers.

As the Daily Skeptic observes based on vaccination data, the double-vaxxed seem to be responsible for the greatest proportion of the cases, likely because the negative efficacy occurred earlier than in the boosted, but that trend, as we saw in the U.K. data, is now trending toward the triple-vaxxed. Overall, only 3% of the unvaccinated have been infected, while 10% of the triple-vaxxed and 18% of the double-vaxxed have been infected. But the trend is even more concerning:

The fall from peak cases to the most recent data point is also interesting. Case rates in the unvaccinated, single dosed and the double dosed have all fallen approximately 45% since their respective peaks, however, case rates in the triple vaccinated have only fallen approximately 20% since their peak. This is rather concerning, as it suggests that we might find that the boosted population maintain a viral reservoir for Covid, ensuring that case rates take much longer to fall to trivial levels and hindering attempts to get society back to a post-Covid normal.

Thus, until now, the “fact-checkers” kept suggesting that the reason why most of the cases are among the vaccinated is because the pure-bloods were careless rubes who all already had COVID last year. Putting aside that such a premise lays waste to their mandates on those with previous infection, New Zealand lays waste to this hypothesis because very few people there got COVID, and we see that even now the injection-free people have low case rates so far.

To cap it off, the Daily Skeptic notes that there is a disturbing trend of excess deaths in New Zealand correlating with the take-up of the vaccine, not COVID cases. In many other countries, people want to blame the excess deaths in 2021 on Delta, not the vaccine. However, in New Zealand there is nowhere to escape the obvious fact that there were basically no COVID deaths until 2022. Yet New Zealand experienced excess deaths in the latter half of 2021.

Keep in mind that nearly everyone in New Zealand is jabbed with Pfizer’s mRNA shot, which lends credence to the findings of the Danish study that the mRNAs don’t seem to protect against all-cause mortality and seem to be associated with a higher risk of non-COVID deaths.

Now contrast New Zealand with Nigeria, a country that has over 200 million people and barely experienced any deaths, despite (or perhaps because of) a 4% vaccination rate and no boosters in sight.

Both countries, until recently, fared equally well. However, they started diverging with the mass vaccination and boosting. And no, this is not because the virus has not come to Nigeria yet. A recent WHO study found that true infections were 97% greater in Africa than officially confirmed, which means that 65% of the entire continent has already been infected. The authors estimate that the infection rate reached 76% in West Africa. And that was as of the end of the third quarter of 2021, before Omicron.

Over the course of the pandemic, New Zealand suffered 94 COVID deaths per million compared to 15 in Nigeria. But the bad news for the lockdown capital of the world is that, unlike Nigeria, New Zealand still has a long way to go to achieve herd immunity, and that’s assuming one can still achieve natural immunity following the mRNA shots.

Perforce, prior infection is clearly the active ingredient, not the vaccines, because Nigeria (and other African countries) could not possibly diverge more from the experience of New Zealand. Yes, to a certain extent it’s possible that death rates could be somewhat underestimated, but there is no evidence of excess mortality in these countries or anecdotes of bodies piling up.

Perhaps, more than any other time in history, we see that the Western world, which has run off the cliff of post-enlightenment, is now behind the primitive and developing countries in aspects of health. And it was all man-made.