Horowitz: 'Who will stand against the FDA’s experimentation on babies?' He is correct, 100%, who is standing up to stop this deadly mRNA technology gene injection in healthy children?

by Paul Alexander

Horowitz is over the target once again; the US government believes that it is an emergency that demands harming, poisoning our children with proven dangerous mRNA technology gene therapy jab

Tables 19 and 20 show us massive negative efficacy in the gene injection in infants and young children, meaning the jab itself drives infection, re-infection etc. On Tables 19 and 20 alone this should have never ever been approved by FDA:


Moreover, these infants and newborns would have mothers who have taken the gene shots and thus possibly would be exposed to twice the gene injection contents, load of mRNA, LNP, toxic spike protein etc. Did these inept corrupted people at FDA consider this and the devastation on infants? No they did not. We know that for they did not study this in the legacy trials. Nor did they study the effects on pregnant women. FDA did not mandate that this be a key study trial arm. The FDA did not want the vaccine maker to produce the results as they knew it would not be good.

Why would they authorize and push this when the risk to healthy children for severe illness and death is statistical zero? Children bring near zero risk to the table and this can only be describe as reckless, dangerous, unscientific, specious, and borders on and maybe is criminally negligent, especially for those harmed.



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‘This month, as we mark the grim three-year anniversary of “15 days to flatten the curve,” the FDA has now utilized emergency use authorization to deem COVID urgent enough to approve a dangerous booster shot on babies for a variant that no longer exists. The breach of the Hippocratic Oath of “first do no harm” and the Nuremberg Code on human experimentation and risk-benefit medical decision-making is large enough for a blind person to see. Yet these policies remain undeterred, and their perpetrators remain unpunished. Will federal and state lawmakers finally wake up and confront the FDA on this willful malfeasance, or will Florida continue to stand alone?

Even Joe Biden no longer considers COVID to be an emergency, yet a fourth booster of a vaccine that should never have been approved for children even in the thick of COVID was approved by the FDA’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee on Tuesday. What is shocking is that the entire purpose of the bivalent booster was in itself an admission that the original shots no longer worked; however, the BA.4 and BA.5 variants are now just as extinct as the previous variants. How could anyone justify training the immune systems of babies to respond improperly to new variants based on ones that have been extinct since February, according to the CDC?

I have to pinch myself to realize that we are living in a time when two years into a shot that has racked up more safety signals than all therapeutics in history put together, officials are urgently pushing it on children for a cold when they know this shot can damage every organ system. What’s worse is that, according to the CDC’s new schedule, an infant who got her first shot at 6 months can potentially get four doses of this poison by month 10 of life! At a time when even the U.K. has wound down its vaccination campaign altogether for those under 50, and even Australia never recommended the shots for healthy babies and toddlers, our FDA is going all in for every age group, despite the known dangers, misfiring of variants, and lack of rationale for this intervention for any age group, much less children.

The clinical trial for something already proven to be dangerous by a plethora of government data was composed of just 23 children 6 months to 2 years old! And not that we can trust their data, but the companies haven’t even published the clinical outcomes of the patients – just that they have produced antibodies, which as we know, particularly with respiratory viruses that mutate, is not necessarily a good thing if antibodies are produced in the wrong amount and class. Moreover, as Igor Chudov astutely observes, many babies this age are still breastfeeding, and we know that the mother’s vaccine can shed in the breast milk. As such, these babies could potentially be exposed to a total of eight doses of gene juice within a few months of their critical time frame of physical and mental developmental growth.

Indeed, this is nothing short of a “fourth term” abortion that would make Josef Mengele proud. Remember, Pfizer’s own data on the original series of shots for babies showed that 61% of children 6 months to 2 years old experienced a “systemic reaction within 7 days” and that 1 in 71 experienced a severe reaction. What did they get in return for assuming such risk? Straight-up net negative efficacy against COVID itself at most stages. Overall, among those 6 months to 2 years old, there were 98 reported COVID cases in the trial group and 58 in the placebo group; among children 2-5 years old, it was 127 and 92 respectively. (See p. 39 of the FDA briefing document.)

How can Congress continue to allow the FDA to openly approve failed and dangerous products for children? Because the FDA is the judge, jury, and executioner of all drug approval, the market is forced to rely solely on FDA discretion for safety, thereby boxing out our ability to create a parallel system. As such, there is no more urgent pro-life issue than curtailing the FDA’s ability to use us as human experiments. Congress absolutely must repeal or seriously reform the Emergency Use Authorization statute to clarify (even further) that EUAs for vaccines cannot be pursued without an imminent threat of mass loss of life and most certainly can never be used as pretext to mandate or advertise the product under any circumstance. Moreover, Congress must vote to remove any COVID shot from the child immunization schedule.

Finally, we need to move beyond the point where the fox can guard the henhouse by having the companies themselves conduct their own studies. If the federal government is prepared not only to approve a product but to completely fund it, market it, cajole it upon the people, and absolve it of liability, then at a minimum, the safety and efficacy data must be vouched for by a third party not connected to the manufacturer or the government regulators approving it.

Some might suggest that Republicans lack the power to enact these reforms at present. But this should not stop the red states from rejecting these shots. On the anniversary of “Nuremberg Day” last Thursday, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis held a press conference with his surgeon general, Dr. Joseph Ladapo, marking three years since “15 days to flatten the curve.” “These vaccines have a terrible safety profile at this point in the pandemic,” said Ladapo. “You know, I’m not sure anyone should be taking them, and that’s [the] honest truth.”

Yet to this very day, not a single other Republican governor or state health director is even recommending against these shots for children. In fact, most red-state governments continue to actively promote them. Josef Mengele-style experimentation has truly become bipartisan.’