Hospitals 'OVERRUN & STRETCHED', new media message shoved down our throats US & Canada; which hospital CEO, doctors, their friends, family, MPs, MPPs, senators, congresspeople stole PPE money?

by Paul Alexander

We gave these demons 2 years and one month, and billions if not trillions of tax payer money in Canada, US, UK for media to do dog and pony about ER over runs, who pocketed PPE money?

Let us quickly investigate the CEOs, doctors, all linked to these hospitals, all the MPs in Canada, MPPs, in UK, Australia, senators and congresspeople in US, we need to examine whose family and buddies got bogus illicit contracts?

Why? If they had over 2 years and billions, then hospitals cannot be over run…many doctors have come forth and told me and others this is a huge lie, deceit and misleading by media again, part of a narrative they are trying; it is either one of two things 1) hospitals are not over run and this is a pure effort to deceive or 2) hospitals are indeed over run, and if # 2, the latter is true, then people stole money for they got the time (2 years) and the money…so who stole the money?…where is the money from the tax payers?

lets list out which hospitals and CEOs and the like who got money and start there…let them account for the billions.