Huge tanks to POTUS Biden again on this Easter Monday 2023, you have single handedly taken us to the brink of WW III with Russia & now China! Thank you so much!

by Paul Alexander

China’s military declared Monday it is “ready to fight” after completing three days of large-scale combat exercises around Taiwan that simulated sealing off the island in response to US trip

You bitc*es in the US State Department cannot even pee straight, you neocon insane people, want to shed not your blood but that of US men and women, not your children’s, but ours, while you drink your café latte and work your iPHONE, you dangerous reckless people, as you embezzle tax payer money.

Where is Trump when we need him?


We have the US now fronting in the South China Seas, what the hell is Biden et al. trying to do? In 2 years we now have the US at potential WW III with both Russia and China? And you want to jail Trump over Stormy? Start impeachment TODAY Kevin? Where are your testicles my man? Where can they be?