I have said 2 years ago and still today January 2022, the following as our one and only way OUT...a strategy out of this COVID disaster largely 'self-inflicted'.

by Paul Alexander

The 8 steps

Our way out of this madness:

  1. Declare that the pandemic is OVER; the pubic must and the government must and use OMICRON as the exit strategy off-ramp, use OMICRON to declare success

  2. immediately stop all mass testing and isolation/quarantine of asymptomatic people; only test or isolate ‘sick’, symptomatic persons, with a strong clinical suspicion ONLY

  3. strongly always protect the vulnerable and elderly in society for this and any other pathogen (main and first thing you do always); that means those in your private homes where you live and nursing homes, long-term, assisted living, care homes etc.; double-down triple down protections

  4. do PSAs on vitamin D and body weight control; obesity is a super-loaded risk factor

  5. make early outpatient treatment (multi-drug sequential combinations) available to all nursing homes and high risk settings e.g. long-term residences, allow doctors to prescribe and use it

  6. end all vaccine and mask mandates and vaccine passports IMMEDIATELY

  7. and above all, allow all, the complete rest of low risk, healthy and well in society to live free, no lockdowns, no closures, no school closures, no masks on children, free, making common sense decisions and reasonable precautions…but live free….understand your own risks and make common sense decisions, take reasonable precautions with as little impact on the larger society

  8. take natural immunity as equal and even better than vaccine immunity