I was told by high level people at CDC & NIH & FDA, at various times in DC, that they worked with media & deepstate and RINOs, daily, to hurt Trump; using COVID; make it 'unmanageable'

by Paul Alexander

The aim I was told (I had a way to engender confidence, maybe its the smile or accent ;-)), was to make the US unmanageable & ungovernable, DAILY, using lies, the media, RINOs, to hurt Trump

Firstly to POTUS Trump, we need your help here Sir. Big time. They are pushing to vaccinate our children with a vaccine (Pfizer and Moderna) that is mismatched to dominant omicron variant. In short, the vaccine did not work and CANNOT work on omicron. The vaccinal antibodies cannot hit the omicron spike. It is worthless yet the vaccine carries huge risks such as myocarditis that is not rare and not mild. Moreover, children bring near statistical zero risk to the table. There is no need POTUS Trump and we plead for your help in standing up against these worthless dangerous mRNA vaccines).

Trump really had no chance given all the malfeasants aligned against him, and he trusted, and it is why I say, allow a 2nd shot so he can go back in and punish them all, let him have his vengeance, legal vengeance, allowable vengeance, for they hurt a duly elected POTUS malfeasantly and they hurt the nation and corrupted it. You may not like him personally and that’s your choice. He made errors but had there been no pandemic, January 2020 he was unstoppable, in spite of all they did to him, the nation saw the good he did and was doing. So let him get back to destroy them, and put the CDC on Alcatraz as planned, you think I am joking??? I love Ron and let him get a clean slate 2028, let Trump reset the table for him, or whomever, he may not even be interested. I am angry that he did not fire Fauci and Birx day 1, I am angry too that he fell for this mRNA fraud, but I also know that maybe he can fix this, maybe he is the only one capable, and maybe get money for those who lost for someone has to pay at some point. Maybe he can reverse the ‘liability protection’ Azar gave and make it retroactive. Maybe….I just want all who did wrong to be punished.

Yes, everything by the media and the alphabet health agencies CDC, NIH, FDA, daily, was to hurt Trump. People within his administration. Everything they did, they wrote, it was all weaponized to twist and hurt him. Make him look deficient yet January 2020 we felt he would win 400 electoral votes and 46 states…he was unstoppable and blacks, browns, all minorities, women supporters, all, were turning his way for he offered much more and the 2nd term looked fascinating.

And then there was COVID and as the dems always say, never let a good crisis go to waste.

They used COVID to do this. COVID was weaponized (when and intentional or not and by whom to come) to take down a POTUS and they did. Trump’s first 2 years were DOA due to Paul ‘eunuch ‘sold out’ Ryan, the worst speaker in US history who conspired against Trump. At times McConnell. The last year was COVID and election mode. He must be judged on one year only, his third and based on just that year, one year, he IMO is one of the best, the greatest the US has had. He did more for blacks that an African-American POTUS who had 8 years, this very same Biden who had 8 years as VP, ever did. Yes, Trump did more for them, black Americans, and minorities than Obama and Biden and any other prior. That they ever did. Trump was tremendous for minorities. I challenge anyone to argue it with me. Bring your facts though.

But the lockdowns led by Fauci and Birx, hurt him. The school closures. The mandates. Hurt him terribly. His people, all of us were hurt, we lost loved ones and jobs. I cannot pretend. It hurt him.

Still today he does not understand how much the lockdowns they told him to enact, hurt him. His re-election. Yes, he was the CEO but he was badly misled. He does not understand how devastating these fraud mRNA vaccines are and how deadly. I am hoping he does soon and stands against them. Just look at the UK and Scottish data; we are seeing record infections in double and triple vaxxed UK seniors as double-vaxxed show negative efficacy against COVID death, yes, we are seeing negative efficacy where the vaccine is promoting infection. These mRNA COVID vaccines have failed, are not effective, they drive infectious variants to emerge, and are not properly safe. Look at Scotland, look at New Zealand. Hell, look at our own Walgreens data. These COVID vaccines are an example of pure failure, catastrophe yet alarmingly, it is killing us too. It is a failed vaccine that is harmful, the worst combination, and it is driving emergence of infectious variants (NATURAL SELECTION) since it does not sterilize the virus (does not cut the chain of transmission). Pfizer and Moderna gave us failed vaccines to begin. Out of the box. Why? The problem is not for the unvaccinated, its for the ‘vaccinated’. They must be very concerned and more to come on this by me.

Yes, the call was coming from ‘inside the house’, the threat was ‘inside the house’.

I always thought it was my smarts ha ha ha, and I knew they hated me and I hated them. They should always know this for how I was treated in DC. As filthy as you think DC is, its far worse than that, the press and the bureaucracy. Do not get me wrong, some very great people in government, one or two in media, but there are also ruthless sick people who have zero concern for the nation or people, just fattening themselves and pockets and their families’ and buddies’. They leech off the tax payer and do no work, just conspire to harm the nation. Many have no love or care for the USA.

COVID revealed the underbelly of just how vast this malfeasance is and how corrupted it is, that they would conspire daily against a sitting POTUS and give him no victories, no positive press, that they would make each action seem wrong. Even to include the medical profession (actual doctors), the medical journal publishing, academic community, the health agencies like CDC and FDA and NIH, public health leaders you think would help etc. Yes, it is that filthy and corrupt. Fly over country does not exist to these people. Just their pockets and benefits, “how does it benefit me”, is their favorite question.

Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx both, were probably the most catastrophic on the nation with their lockdowns for their lockdowns and school closures caused tremendous harm and deaths. Not the virus. And we must get proper accounting from these two, as we also focus on CEO Albert Bourla of Pfizer and Bancel of Moderna, and the grand daddy of them all, Dr. Francis Collins. They must be all investigated and placed under oath and examined for each action in COVID. These people misled Trump devastatingly. On lockdowns and the fraud vaccine. We must get to the bottom of it. And not be afraid to.

The goal, day 1, after the virus emerged and they realized January 2020 that they could use this (in time discussions will ensue as to intentional or not and when, for I argue this was on deck in 2018), the goal by CDC, NIH, FDA and the deepstate and RINOs and dems, was to make the US become ungovernable and unmanageable under Trump. To take each announcement and daily actions, and make them look inept and dysfunctional. It was told to me that plainly. Each one. Give him and his administration no breathing room. Keep advertising rising infections though they all knew the PCR test was bogus. The media, the Task Force, all of them. And yes it spooked Trump, hell it spooked all of us but we figured it out fast. That they would have him constantly on the ropes cleaning up messes daily and that they will cover over any successes and only showcase and amplify mistakes. And make successes appear as mistakes. With the media doing the dirty work, including FOX at times, that’s what is so shameful and destructive.

Yes, they did conspire against him. Daily. I was there, short, but I saw and knew. I WAS close enough. I say it clearly, he was a good man, a great POTUS but was in a situation few if any can survive in for he tried to operate within the politics but should have remained mandingo as in the campaign. There is no negotiating with these people. He should have punished them using the powers he had and NEVER ever played nice. That was a mistake. They savaged him for it, he did not know they repay you in DC when you are nice and decent, with more hate and brutality. They won at all costs, and they destroy the nation to get their way, look around you.

To make each day, using the media, look far worse than it was under Trump, to make it look like anyone else could manage the pandemic better. To use the fraud PCR test to amplify infections that were all false positive so they could make you agree to lockdown and mask all in wait of the fraud vaccine; this was the game, I was told clearly. It was all about forcing you to take the vaccine, every man, woman, and child, in the US and globe. Yes, that was real. And they even knew, it was a known secret in DC that the vaccine was a huge problem (more from me to come on that) in terms of effectiveness and safety.

I was told this in clear.

All media worked in unison, except people like OAN, and a bit of FOX for FOX too was in the tank and corrupted against him, save for Laura and Tucker, some Jesse (Pete) who shot more straight, but the rest were corrupted, they conspired daily in DC, I was told, it was their job, all of them, to work with the insiders, the RINOS, the deepstate bureaucracy, the democrats, even some republicans, to each day take each statement he made, anything he did, anything on COVID, to punish and hurt him; they hated him so much and did not care for the nation or well being, NO, it was just get Trump at at costs, take any good thing he did and twist it and sweep it under the rug;

let me be as clear as I could be, in my time in DC, from the people I got to know and the discussions I had off the record and anonymously (many walking or running on the DC mall), their sole purpose was to hurt Trump and damage his re-election.

They used the CDC via corrupted bogus reports to be timed with what he was saying on COVID; they used the FDA, they used the NIH, all, each day would meet and have discussions, and many with unspoken understanding that Trump would not be allowed to succeed; and they were relentless.

It became clear to me how much the media worked together when Trump was begging the schools and union to re-open for he knew of the harms on children as they were committing suicide; we were getting reports of deaths, from the various states of kids committing suicide. Daily. And the media knew as we did but I was told that because Trump was in campaign mode (July, August etc.) that the media would conspire together, and work together daily, to NOT report the suicides in children in the US. For else the parents would know and then schools would be re-opened immediately. So they swept actual information the public needed to know under the rug, so as to prevent it seeming that Trump was correct in calling for the society and schools to re-open.

Yes, they went that far, to lie to the public and deceive the public, to deny Trump any look as if he was doing good for the nation. If Trump asked for schools to be re-opened, then they have to keep it closed. If suicides were increasing among children, then they the media and CDC and deepstate could not stop it, so they would use the media to just NOT report it. Else if they did, then Trump would look good. So each day they would work together and agree on what to report and not to report, and each thing reported, was done in a way to make Trump look like he did not know what he was doing on the pandemic. It was deliberate and set daily between the public health agencies and the media. A unified plan to defeat Trump by using negative reporting and not the truth.

You can even see it now. The CDC padded up deaths and amplified under Trump, yet removed over 70,000 deaths recently under Biden. Its not about finding errors, its about their intent. The CDC is a political arm of the government and not the health agency you think it is or should be. It ‘was’ that. It worked to hurt Trump and it did, it hurt Trump badly, and works today to cover up for Biden and make it look like Biden’s polices in COVID work. In fact, if you look at all the metrics, the US has done far worse under Biden than Trump, even with weaker variants as the pandemic wound down.

Much more to come on the vaccine itself.

My role is to be open, honest, clear with you.

You were lied to under Trump admin and certainly now under Biden. All of it on COVID, was a lie. A fraud. A hoax, not the virus, but what they did with it to hurt us. You must ask now, if you asked for 2 weeks to allow hospitals to prepare, and we gave you 2 years and 2 months, and hundreds of billions, where is the preparation? Where is the money? Are we to believe that hospitals and CEOs, and health administration and congresspeople and senators stole PPE money? Did ministers and MPS and MPPs and all involved in Canada or UK steal money? Was corrupt bogus contracts awarded? If you say hospitals are strained, then where is the PPE money? Who got bogus contracts? Who got the tax payer money? No hospital should be ‘strained’, NONE. There must be ample doctors, equipment, drugs, PPE 10 times over. So there must be no lockdowns, no mandates, no state of emergency. The emergency is long gone, the pandemic is long over. It is way past time to end the emergency declarations. You got over 2 years and near trillions in $ to ‘prepare’. You asked for 2 weeks, we gave you over 2 years and billions so what did you do with it? Where is the emergency? To say there is one and you need the emergency powers in place still and any mention of lockdown, means you stole the PPE money as then you did not use it for what it was needed for. Yes. Let us investigate and imprison all who stole PPE money. Each contract, each dollar$. Let us get a full accounting for the tax payer. No matter whom, no matter if you ‘like’ the politician or MP or senator. No matter, we need full accounting, of every person in the federal government of Canada who made COVID policy decisions, all in the provinces like Ontario, in all cities, for people died due to the decisions. Same in US…so let us not be afraid and investigate all who may have costed lives needlessly.