I will vote for you, democrat or republican for POTUS, if you can check these boxes!

by Paul Alexander

if you can bring a Trump 2.0, IMO democrat or republican for both are the same sleeze buckets as far as I am concerned, but one who:

1)loves nation

2)respects borders

3)loves flag

4)respects anthem and stands for it

5)respects constitution

6)loves language and culture

7)loves law and order

8)loves police

9)loves military

10)will gut the HHS, CDC, NIH, FDA first chance they get, burn them to the floor and relocate them to Alcatraz, firing 500 across the top of all alphabet agencies, all

11)christian or similar…person of faith

12)adheres to a peaceful faith

13)against transgender filth insanity and indoctrination of our children

14)will jail and charge with obscenity all those who parade at PRIDE parades with their willies hanging out etc.

15)will ban transgender surgeries in children and teens

16)will withdraw any role US has in the Ukraine Russia war

17)will go hard against China’s CCP as our greatest threat, along with the government of Iran

18)will bomb the precursor Fentanyl labs in Wuhan China

19)will designate BLM and antofa as terrorist outfits

20)will commit to ensure all CDC, NIH, FDA, HHS and similar health officials and government officials and congress people and senators and vaccine makers like Bourla and Bancel and Sahin )Pfizer and Moderna) and mRNA technology inventors etc. are investigated in proper legal forums with financial penalties and jail time if juries and judges approve and warrant including consideration of the death penalty, for all COVID policies and actions and vaccine that harmed and killed people (once proven in court)

21)will commit to launch special counsel investigations of Biden, Obama, Bush, Clinton including Hilary

22)will reverse the ‘liability protection’ that vaccine makers and all involved in COVID under the PREP Act enjoyed, making it retroactive, and will set up a victim compensation fund focused on all Americans and police and military harmed by lockdowns and the fraud vaccine, all our frontline people…

23)will militarize the US Southern border and Northern with Canada, with real armed troops, not GUARD, real soldiers, to ensure not one, not one illegal gets through

24)and others I will share shortly

That person, I will vote for. Democrat even.