If German regulator STIKO says 1 dose is good enough for children 5-11 years old, why would the US FDA authorize and seek 3 doses for 5 to 11 year olds?

by Paul Alexander

My view based on the science and data: NO shot, none of these COVID vaccines are needed in healthy children who have near statistical zero risk of severe disease, so why? when the vax is unsafe, why?

“Germany's vaccine advisory panel on Tuesday said one Covid-19 shot was enough for healthy five- to 11-year-olds because most of them had already undergone an infection, maintaining its cautious approach.”

German vaccine panel: one Covid-19 shot enough for children

I reshare my views:

“The new recommendation is about “precautionary measures for upcoming waves of infection that are not yet known to us,”


Germany’s vaccine regulator Stiko recommends COVID vaccination for all five to eleven year olds

These people including those at CDC and NIH like Fauci and Francis Collins, and Bourla of Pfizer, should face prison because they are risking the lives of healthy children. Vaccinating for a hypothetical with a vaccine that brings no benefit. Children are at far less risk of severe outcome from COVID than to seasonal influenza. COVID recovered children (likely 85-90% are now in US, or at least have some form of prior cross-protective exposure immunity from a coronavirus etc.) are in the best situation. Their risk of severe outcome is near statistical ZERO! This mRNA vaccine confers NO, no benefit, this is all risk, no benefit! The non-sterilizing non-neutralizing vaccine does not stop infection, replication, or transmission and we are very very concerned that it (high affinity high specific vaccinal antibodies) will subvert (outcompete) the innate immune system (innate antibodies) of children that potently protects them against a broad range of pathogen.

There is zero value added! Not one health official in any nation, no CDC, FDA, NIH, none, no Fauci, Francis Collins, Albert Bourla etc. or Walensky, have prosecuted or made the case as to why healthy statistical zero risk children need these fraud sub-optimal non-sterilizing COVID vaccines that are ineffective and harmful, that just based on original antigenic sin and imprinting/biasing/prejudicing of the immune response (recall response) to the initial exposure (legacy Wuhan strain), simply WILL NOT work against current variants/clades e.g. Omicron. Period!

This is greed and criminality!