India and South Africa? My, what a tale these 2 nations tell, as you can see both were low vaccine uptake, South Africa especially, look at the flat 5th wave/curve; Japan?

by Paul Alexander

India's lack of a 5th wave coincides with their heavy use of early and chemoprophylactic treatment, young population, low vax uptake, both nations allowed young to train their innate immune systems

Africa will win and have won! India hurt itself a bit with higher vax uptake but have weathered the storm nicely.

The data is clear that highly vaccinated nations incurred severe outcomes due to the vaccine e.g. greater re-infections, infections, cases, hospitalizations, and death. Poorer nations with limited access and decisions to stave off the COVID vaccine, have done way better and staved off the COVID’s impact, especially OMICRON wave (BA4 and 5 clades). These nations allowed training of their innate immune systems, they allowed the time needed, especially among young children and persons.

As one of the globe’s highest vaccinated nations, we see the waves are not coming back to baseline (herd immunity) and massive infection hanging out in the environment (infectious pressure on the population). We see waves getting higher with each successive wave (peak) and even juxtaposed closer together, successively faster, and not returning to herd immunity baseline. This shows us clearly that the vaccine is and was never cutting the chain of transmission and this is the only way you can tame a pandemic and get to herd immunity.

Deaths in South Africa have remained flat with infections/cases for the 5th wave. Why? I think you already know. Beginning to creep up in Japan.