Inept corrupted CDC is finally reading our work and listening! "CDC Quietly Removes Statement that Says “mRNA and the Spike Protein Do Not Last Long in the Body” from Their Website"

by Paul Alexander

a very key aspect of what I have been saying & others, that there is no 'off' switch, & with this, your immune system will constantly make vaccinal antibodies, constantly suppressing immune system

First, we need common sense!

The spike protein is the toxic end of the COVID virus and thus how could it escape these vaccine makers to not know that you do not go injecting people with the toxic end of the virus. What did they think will happen?

Look at the re-emerging pathogen like polio, hepatitis, impacting children like never before, look at devastating hepatitis now in young people, and these are to do with the madness of this COVID jab and derangement/suppression of the immune system. Bottom line is the immune system is now suppressed and broken due to the COVID injection, no matter how the index polio case may have gotten polio and now spreading it.

See prior Stack I wrote on this with a focus on a study in CELL:

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Röltgen et al.: "Immune imprinting, breadth of variant recognition, & germinal center response in human SARS-CoV-2 infection & vaccination"; Original antigenic sin, OAS & vaccine mRNA 60 days post jab
Key study in CELL and helped verify aspects of this COVID virus in terms of immunological response post vaccine; showed us the immunological fixation, or imprinting, or prejudice to the initial exposure e.g. if initial exposure is to legacy Wuhan strain, the antibody response will principally be to the legacy strain; and that the content of the vaccine …
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We thus knew conclusively via potent research by Röltgen in CELL) and other similar research), which showed that the spike protein remains much longer and at greater levels.

This has huge implications as constant spike is implicated in constant damage to the vasculature (blood vessels, tissues etc.), the endothelial layer, (bleeding, clotting, trauma etc.) and constant suppression of immune response. Constant spike production means constant vaccinal antibodies as a response and with elevated infectious pressure (omicron) and thus constant re-exposure (and boosting of the vaccinal antibodies) etc., then binding of the vaccine antibodies to the spike antigen on the virus, increasing infectiousness of the virus, more infection to the population (to the vaccinated) and thus no natural immunity or population herd immunity, and the key is blocking of the innate immune antibodies. The non-neutralizing vaccinal antibodies are highly specific (binds strongly to the antigen) and blocks natural immune antibodies from their functional binding capacity. This has huge devastating implications for the immune system especially the training and education of the innate immune system in childhood and young persons. Children will miss the key period where innate antibodies can bind to live viruses and educate their innate immune system on how to:

1)eliminate/sterilize the virus now confronted with

2)learn how to recognize and eliminate other viruses in the future when the innate antibodies are no longer there (broad array of glycosylated pathogen)

3)how to effectively recognize and discern ‘self’ from ‘non-self’ components of the child and thus protect against auto-immune reactivity.