Is this a blatant attack on Christmas and appeasing those who do not celebrate it? Also, as a normal part of life, you could see a family member one day and they die the next

by Paul Alexander

COVID is over!!! Omicron tells us this!!!! So why deny people getting together for Christmas? Is this an attempt to move toward a secular society, using COVID to do it? Are there dark motives here?

However, the reason this Christmas and the one before is crushingly difficult is because these COVID restrictions are preventing us from CHOOSING to spent time with family. We want to.

But is this an attempt to move toward a secular society, using COVID to accomplish this? In our faces and we cannot stop this? And where are the people who are so called leaders? Why are they not standing up to defend the population and fighting back against this beyond nonsense? Why yare they so cowardly? They lack any bravery or courage. Why? Are they on the take, with direct money or indirect? How are they benefitting for they are.

We have to take a stand now as people. We and only we must wrestle back the power these malfeasant and inept bureaucrats and technocrats took form us that it is ours and they work for us. They will never relinquish…it is we who must stand up and take it back. We have to be brave and stop averting our gaze and shrinking away…we must stand up together now…all you need is already deep in you, percolating, bubbling….the hand of life gave you it all already, your God, your maker, and all you need to do is reach inside…you are uniquely powerful and capable, immensely able to put this down…civilly and peacefully but it is a fight and one we must not shrink from…

We see the government inflicting these illogical nonscientific draconian restrictions that are resulting in precious family time over the holidays being spent together, being lost.

The way the governments are enacting these measures, who knows when we will be able to see family overseas or within our own countries. This is gut wrenchingly painful.

This begs the question when we see COVID policies being made without science or rational thought or any credence, enacting increased government restrictions just prior to Christmas, is this really an attempt to stamp out Christmas and this precious holiday that is held dearly by so many and not even Christians. Is this an attempt to move toward a more secular nation??? What is happening here?

Many of us has lost loved ones and could not even bury our dead properly and who will pay for this? We could not even pay respects…why?

I have complied the research to show none, not one, none of the lockdowns, school closures, mask mandates…none have worked…all failed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so why?

when you have this inept govn COVID advisor in Canada telling you it is likely ok to go buy gas across the border in US or a quick shopping in the mall but no tailgate sports event? Who the hell is this idiot reaching into our daily lives and this utter garbage absurd statement? Its as if these miserable insignificant technocrat people cannot let go of this near fake emergency prolonged needlessly, so must find ways to keep suffering people…its power tripping people who are drunk on power and making things up daily to hold onto this power…COVID is over, has been over a year now…Omicron tells us is it OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!