"It's the vaccine, stupid"! # 8 (that's # 8 for excess deaths); Jefferson & Heneghan of Oxford (I schooled under Carl at Oxford, EBM), some of the most brilliant people I have studied with/under!

by Paul Alexander

Come on gentlemen, for excess deaths, when you state "An unidentified intervention, unexpected exposure or injuries at the population level", could you really mean COVID injection & if so, SAY SO!

I want all the CDC, NIH, FDA, NIAID, PHAC, Health Canada, Moderna, Pfizer, SAGE officials etc. placed under criminal investigation, and today!

These are principled smart experts here and will help sort this out.

They should have showed us some leg. A bit more leg. Could have been a bit more declarative with # 8. But I understand the politics.

IMO, it’s the vaccine, stupid! Should be the motto. That should be printed on t-shirts and jerseys the world over, “It’s the vaccine, stupid”! I coined the phrase to mock Bill Clinton’s (Slick Willy) “It’s the economy, stupid” when he ran for POTUS against George Bush Sr.

It’s the vaccine and not the virus that is causing the deaths, the excess mortality, the ‘DIED SUDDENLYs’.

It’s the vaccine, stupid!

Nice work Tom and Carl, well written by these two (I greatly admire their work) yet we are nudging them across the finish line by throwing out what we think may be the driver and is indeed #8, this suggestion from myself and my colleagues Drs. Tenenbaum and Crevier. I get what they are doing here, not locking into any intervention and willing to look at all possible drivers of the excess deaths. Understood.

Yet why not be brave and bold and consider that the mass vaccination and administration across all age groups of a novel untested pharmaceutical injection (as a prophylaxis) could actually be the driver and not the typical explanations we get as experts torture the data to claim it is from suicides, drug overdoses, life issues etc. I will grant that a portion is likely due to the the effects of delayed treatments and screenings due to the lunatic lockdowns etc.

In my opinion, it will more than likely be shown to be the COVID gene injection as the key driver as well as some variance explained by likely delayed deaths due to the failure to treat during the pandemic that is showing up now.

This is where we are at. A hat tip Carl and Jeff for a well written and interesting stack.

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