Jail them all! Lock them all up!!!! Fauci, Bourla, Francis Collins, Bancel, Birx! Dr. Paul Alexander at New York Franklinville rally ripping into monkey pox, fentanyl, Fauci and Birx

by Paul Alexander

I was invited to a gathering in New York, Franklinville, to talk with other speakers, & it was HOT HOT HOT, maybe 120 degrees but good food, people, spent time with Carl Paladino, good man! NY's 23rd

I was asked to come out and talk, there were many speakers, met several NY mayors etc. of small towns, wonderful people.

Full disclosure, I was in some serious pain there on pain meds, wanted to cancel, I had suffered an accident just prior and was on my way back to the hospital too…the pain was unbearable. But I grinded it as was for 15 minutes. Will share another time.