Jared Kushner Criticizes Sending Migrants to Martha’s Vineyard, Says ‘Seeing Them Used as Political Pawns is Very Troubling’; my take: Jared, shut to hell up, you were UNELECTED, never

by Paul Alexander

should of you been allowed near the WH & Trump allowed you, you were UNELECTED; if Biden gave Hunter (God forbid) the same role as you, we would go nuts! your ventilators role killed people

We do not give a rats a** what you think! Like we give a damn what you ever thought! Too globalist for me, Trump made a great mistake letting you onto the property. Pack up and go live in Mexico.

I am stating my view so people understand, I can kiss ass like many, but it is not my play homie. It is clear cut for me, up or down, right or wrong, and I will love a democrat even if they cared for America. It is always what’s best for the children and the nation, with God sprinkled in there.

Keep quiet, you caused enough damage! I do not care if your were Trump’s son-in-law, you were not elected and had no role there, Trump made a mistake allowing you there for he set a standard now and we will need live with that but IMO, your role created more problems and the ventilators killed people. You created disaster with the ventilators.