Joe Rogan over the target On Jan 6 Capitol Protest – “How About The F*cking FBI Agents Who Were Inciting Violence? They Had People That Were There. For A FACT, We Know That.”

by Paul Alexander

But to say that, that is like World War Two, that it’s like Pearl Harbor, or that it’s like D Day. Or that’s like, you know, September 11, this is crazy talk. That’s just a bunch of morons.


“Rogan: Yes. How about the f*cking, the known FBI agents who were inciting violence? They were telling them, “you got to get in there. We’re going to take what’s ours.” They had people that were there. For a fact, we know that. The f*cking FBI. Imagine the FBI themselves trying to get people to do shit that’s illegal so they can arrest them.”