Jonathan Engler (PANDA) provokes us further: "Imagine there was no virus at all, but that for some other reason governments decided to institute a range of measures" (draconian etc.)

by Paul Alexander

Worth the read; I am increasingly confident based on all I know, that the US military initially was involved; bad actors then usurped, includes pharma + deepstate + NIH + CDC + FDA to topple Trump

  1. Telling people not to attend healthcare if they had a cough, fever or other symptoms both to “protect” healthcare and also because any contact with healthcare would quite likely make you contract a deadly disease.

  2. Telling healthcare staff to isolate if they (or in some cases someone in their household) received a positive test for a certain illness, even if asymptomatic.

  3. Emptying beds in preparation for being “overwhelmed”.

  4. Terrorizing and isolating elderly people especially those living in care homes, denying them visits from relatives and reducing or eliminating in-personal visits from health and social carers. 

  5. Using the entire machinery of state plus all social media and legacy mainstream media channels to promote an exaggerated narrative of fear aimed at the public and spilling over into healthcare workers, when it is well established that stress has a number of adverse health effects, including immuno-suppression.

  6. Massive overuse of a treatment (ventilation) with no solid evidential basis, now known to be extremely harmful.

The implementation of such policies would result in protests in the streets with people declaring that “thousands of people will surely die”, and no doubt they would have been right.  It is inconceivable that such policies would not have a significant associated mortality. 


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IMO, this virus, deliberately, was used based on the fraud response, to topple a sitting POTUS. From the inside. Involves WHO, CDC, NIH, FDA, Fauci, Birx, Francis Collins, Bourla, Bancel, Hahn, Azar, deepstate, media, all of these elements. Will we ever know all, I do not know.

No matter what he did, he could not win the pandemic response, they set it up so and operated it so daily. To conspire against him daily at every turn, to make his presidency chaotic and a failure, unmanageable. And they used the fraud flawed over-cycled oversensitive PCR test with thresholds above 25 that was sure to detect viral junk, fragments, non-infectious virus. Only 3% with proper cycled would have been truly positive. Used the PCR test on Trump to drive his lockdown March 15th 2020 or so, with the fraud asymptomatic transmission, and thus masking, and thus sell of the fraud gene injection. The rest of the world acquiesced more out of fear of the US if they did not, mainly fear of loss of money, aid etc.

Everything about it was a lie, a fraud. I even think it was circulating so much longer and when the time was right, they invoked the PCR test etc. as if it was ‘new’. It was never ‘novel’. Globally, we were actually mostly immune already. Yes, elderly, high-risk persons would have always fell victim like how they fall victim to colds and bad flus etc. daily. Immuno-senescence, weakened declining immune systems. Bad people used it, created a failed response, made Trump’s response a failure, to take down Trump. He just never understood how much the lockdowns and school closures hurt his peoples.