Just as you know, we have managed to secure a meeting with Senators Cruz and Johnson tomorrow in US Senate, 11.15 am EST, several leader US convoy truckers and Kory and I; press will be there

by Paul Alexander

We are going to present the Truckers' argument that the vaccine mandates must be lifted and the emergency declarations dropped; the pandemic is over and COVID is done; will update on results

Don’t expect resolution tomorrow but its a victory, small, its a negotiation, but key, and other congress people will be there we are told; its been 3 weeks of driving and speaking and just peacefulness and now its come to a head of sorts.

We rolled the DC beltway today, 2 lanes, 1 loop.

I am glad you all can see this as a victory too for the Canadian trucker, I raise a glass to the Canadian trucker, this is their victory for they started this challenge of the baseless mandates, and now the US trucker will take it to the end; yes, this meeting is a huge victory, the Canadian PM acted terribly and abused his powers IMO, if you are a leader and statesman or woman, you have dialogue, you listen to the needs and the truckers point was 100% correct with the science too and thus they could not have it, they had to shut it down and work to silence me, Bridle, Hodkinson....you do not as the PM, if you cant get your way, send in the troops to beat the people....this was wrong, he called the trucker racist, misogynist, terrorist, he and the left wing Ottawa mayor cut off fuel, they did bad things to the truckers, the very same people who kept the supply chain going for 2 years, the trucker, faced the virus when the lap top café latte hid in your basement, oh I could walk my dog more now, I could catch up on some reading 'I could remote work now and slough off and do nothing' class hid in their homes, it was the trucker that faced the risk and kept people going, kept society going and they rose to the occasion, when everyone else ran, and now, now that the virus is done, the mildest variant, less than the flu, you are making it impossible for them to live? There is zero science to support the mandates and Njoo and Tam, two of the most inept incompetent idiots around the federal govn of Canada, they should be fired to allow and counsel the PM to have done this...this is as much about their ill deeds as it is his...that is not fair and wrong and there is no science to back that up and the Canadian PM was wrong...failed...not a leader, damaging and brutal to the very best of society.

Pardon my spelling or the like, I am rushed this morning.