Karen Kingston continues to gain respect with her excellent work, detail, depth; this substack is very informative: 'mRNA Vaccines are a Sham. People are Being Injected with Nanotech'

by Paul Alexander

So the mRNA technology based injections are really a sham, a grave lie to the world! mRNA cationic liposome ‘vaccines’ are nanotechnologies used to introduce non-human DNA into the bodies of adults


‘When the new ‘mRNA vaccines’ first became available in December of 2020, the American people were told that the ‘mRNA vaccines’ contained lipids that served as a protective bubble around the SARS-CoV-2 mRNA that would make our bodies produce the spike protein. After being injected, our bodies would produce the spike protein and our immune system would produce antibodies so that we would NOT be able to get infected and NOT be able to infect other people with SARS-CoV-2.

In 2020/2021, everyone thought the mRNA vaccine’ pitch sounded reasonable, safe and pretty much in alignment with other biological vaccines from the past.


For example, the lipids and phospholipids in the mRNA injections are not lipids. Lipids are are naturally occurring molecules that make up fatty compounds such as fats and cholesterol. Lipids are part of our cells’ membranes to help control what goes in and out of cells. The ‘lipids’ in the mRNA injections are electronically charged synthetic molecules (not natural) and can host electromagnetic fields. They are electronic devices.

Pfizer’s website states that without the cationic lipid (electronic nanotechnology) there, “could be no Pfizer-BioNTech mRNA vaccine.”

So who invented the nanotechnology that Pfizer and Moderna deceptively refer to as a a cationic lipid? And what purpose does this nanotechnology serve?

The Inventor of mRNA Nanotechnology

On June 10, 2021, Brent Weinstein hosted an interview on the Dark Horse podcast with Dr. Robert Malone and Steve Kirsch. The three men discussed both the unknown and some of the known risks of the COVID-19 ‘mRNA vaccines’. Dr. Robert Malone was introduced as the inventor of ‘mRNA vaccine technology’ and has owned this title in dozens, if not hundreds of subsequent interviews with other media hosts.

Dr. Malone rightfully earned the title of Inventor of mRNA Vaccine Technology per Dr. Malone’s website where he lists his major publications and patents contributing to the invention of mRNA Vaccine Technology (which is nanotechnology) including Dr. Malone’s 1989 publication, “Cationic Liposome - Mediated RNA Transfection.”

Per the paper’s abstract, Dr. Malone and two of his colleagues, “developed an efficient and reproducible method for RNA transfection, using a synthetic cationic lipid, incorporated into a liposome (lipofectin).”

Electronic Nanoparticles are Not Lipids, They’re Nanotechnology

BTW- a synthetic substance that carries an electronic charge is NOT a lipid. It’s a nanotechnology/electronic device. Being injected with lipids just sounds a heck of a lot better than being injected with electronic nanotechnologies. We were told electronic nanotechnologies are lipid encapsulated mRNA vaccines because no one in their right mind would agree to be injected with an electronic nanotechnology device.

Have Cationic Liposomes Ever Been Considered a Nanotechnology?

According to the December 2020 paper, Nanomedicine for COVID-19: The Role of Nanotechnology and Diagnosis of COVID-19, liposomes were considered nanotechnologies/(nano-medicine delivery devices) per the FDA’s 2007 Nanotechnology Task Force Report.

What is the Purpose of Cationic Nanotechnology?

Cationic means that the nanotechnology independently hosts a positive electronic charge (because after all technology that doesn’t host electricity on its own is just…a piece of metal-like material? Anyway…) Per the 1996 patent Delivery of Exogenous DNA Sequences in a Mammal, the purpose of the mRNA cationic nanotechnology was to produce non-mammal DNA (or non-human DNA) in a mammal (or a human). Non-mammal DNA could include DNA from reptiles, insects, or other non-vertebrae species.

Per ThermoFisher’s website, cationic lipids are gene-editing nanotechnologies used to deliver DNA and silencing RNA (siRNA) into cells.

ThermoFisher’s website further explains how the cationic liposome gene-editing nanotechnologies release encoded foreign genetic material into a cell’s nucleus so the cell then can produce or express foreign genetic material.

How has Human Research with Nanotechnologies Been Allowed under the FDA and NIH Regulations?

Nanotechnologies have been researched and developed under the guise of cancer research and for the ‘treatment’ of rare autoimmune diseases. Because research subjects were often only given days or weeks left to live, the fact that mRNA nanotechnologies genetically alter the cells of the human body to ‘attack self’ and to adsorb inorganic genetic material (i.e. metals or reptilian toxins) into the cytoplasm or nucleus of human cells often resulting in new autoimmune diseases (some of which have near-term disabling or lethal consequences) went unnoticed as human subjects were often already disabled and at a high-risk for near-term death.

Per Dr. Malone’s 1989 clinical publication, he used Lipofectin to penetrate mammalian cells in order to have the cells of mice express the DNA from from the traditional Northeastern firefly, African clawed frog, and fruit fly.

Per ThermoFisher’s website, Lipofectin is the reagent of choice to integrate foreign DNA and RNA into endothelial cells. Endothelial cells are the cells that line our blood vessels, lymph nodes, and heart.

Lipofectin is Used to Integrate the Genetic Sequences of Aggressive Cancer into Humanized Cells

Lipofectin is also very effective at successfully integrating HeLa (the mRNA codes for the most aggressive form of cancer known to man) into human cells to produce cancer inside a mammal (human).

Per the 1996 patent that Dr. Malone is listed as an inventor of, Delivery of Exogenous DNA Sequences in a Mammal, the cationic liposome nanotechnologies can deliver payloads of non-mammal toxic peptides to human cells, such as the bioweapon ricin or cobra snake venom.

When doctors at the University of Pittsburgh tested the respiratory fluid from eight (8) patients who died from severe COVID-19 in 2020 in Lombardy, Italy, they found that the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein contained synthetically recreated cobra venom, Krait venom, rabies virus, and HIV glycoprotein-120.

The Superantigen (SAg) spike protein, known as the Wuhan-Hu-1 S-2P, is programmed to be produced by cells in the human body by the mRNA found in Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine COMIRNATY.

According to the 2021 published paper on nanotechnology, it appears that the cationic liposomes, SARS mRNA sequences (SARS-1, MERS, SARS-2), and the lipid nanoparticles are not only found in the COVID-19 injections, but also are also the COVID-19 ‘virus itself’ with an mRNA program file size of 30kb and nanoparticle delivery vehicle diameter of 60-140nm. This means the nanotechnology in the ‘vaccines’ is the same nanotechnology that caused the pandemics and public health emergencies.

Nanoparticles Were Used in Past Respiratory Viruses

Alarmingly, the University of California San Diego and LaJolla mRNA nanotechnology experts claim, “….previous nanoparticles…were used in respiratory viruses have approximately similar sizes.”

The authors make it clear that they are not speaking of naturally occurring pathogens (or viruses) when they are referring to ‘previously used nanotechnologies that caused pandemic viruses.’ The authors write that the nanoparticles include, “self-assembling proteins and peptide-based nanoparticles; 15nm; and inorganic (inorganic=not from nature = synthetic) nanoparticles: 100nm.”

mRNA Vaccine Technology and “Respiratory Pandemic Technology” are the SAME Nanoparticle Technologies

The cationic nanotechnologies that cause viral pandemics, such as COVID-19, are the same “100nm…self-assembling proteins and nanoparticle technologies” found in the COVID-19 injections (per the mRNA vaccine patents, manufacturer websites, and FDA filings).

The ‘mRNA vaccine’ LNP nanotechnologies are the bioweapons that caused many people to become ill in Wuhan and around the world in 2020 which is confirmed by EcoHealth Alliance’s 2018 pitch to DARPA.

The concept of the invention of “mRNA vaccine technology” is a misnomer and a sham. The term ‘mRNA vaccine’ is a cover for nanotechnologies that are being used as gene-editing technologies and agents of biowarfare on US and global citizens.

The cationic liposome nanotechnologies are being used to introduce non-human DNA into the cells of adults and children to turn their cells into disease-causing, toxic spike-protein bioweapon factories.

When the harmful gene-editing nanotechnologies were launched, we were told that the science was too complicated to understand. That was a lie. The science was hidden from the American people because if we were given the patents, peer-review publications and FDA submitted data, it is clear that that ‘mRNA vaccines’ are bioweapons that can only cause disease, disabilities and death.

Trust the Experts

We were told to simply trust the science and the experts. Unfortunately, nearly none of the experts have been honest with the American people. If I was able to figure out in May of 2021 that mRNA Vaccine Lipid Nanoparticles were bioweapons by reading ONE PATENT, how come the inventor of the ‘mRNA vaccine’ cationic liposome nanotechnology still has not figured this out?

“Attached please find the global patent for the mRNA lipid nanoparticle (LNP) vaccines. I believe they will conclude that the COVID-19 vaccines are bioweapons under the guise of mRNA therapeutic vaccines….Per the patent, the LNPs can target specific organs and systems throughout the body, including, but not limited to reproductive, cardiovascular, pulmonary, and the central nervous system, specifically crossing the blood brain barrier.”

- Karen Kingston, May 2021

Why are experts referring to the nanotechnology bioweapons as ‘mRNA vaccines’ and starkly avoiding the term nanotechnology?

If Pfizer and Moderna have no problem plastering the term technology (nanotechnology) all over their websites, why are our trusted leaders accusing folks like me and Dr. Ana Mihalcea of being part of the ‘deep state’ or ‘not credible’ for pointing out that that the COVID-19 injections contain gene-editing nanotechnologies?

“mRNA technology is a good fit for gene-editing.” - Pfizer

mRNA vaccine’ is a misnomer. No one was injected with a ‘biological lipid’ or ‘mRNA vaccine.’ Pfizer doesn’t even refer to their mRNA gene-editing technology as a therapy, because mRNA is NOT a therapy. mRNA technology is a harmful and deadly bioweapon platform for purposes of transhumanism that’s been to sold to global civilians as ‘vaccine technology.’

More than 265 million Americans were injected with gene-editing nanotechnology as part of the largest criminal human experiment in the history of mankind. This is biowarfare.

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Are Trusted Experts Invested in Humanity or Transhumanism?

Big Pharma, biotech, and other organizations and individuals who are invested in this gene-editing nanotechnology refer to this demonic invention as ‘mRNA vaccines’ or gene therapies only because no one would have ever agreed otherwise to be ‘vaccinated’ if they were told that the shots contained gene-editing nanotechnologies.

If one credible mRNA expert would be honest with the American people and tell the world that they were NOT injected with an ‘mRNA vaccine’, but that they were injected with a gene-editing bioweapon nanotechnologies intended to injure and harm them, I believe humanity would wake up to the fact that we were all unknowingly forced into the largest criminal human experiment ever conducted in the history of mankind.

The Kingston Report. TRUTH WINS.

“..exemptions for health experimental use (of bioweapons) may foster a grey zone within which investigations for viability of weapons may be undertaken.”

Luke 11: 46-47

“Woe to you because you build tombs for the prophets, and it was your ancestors who killed them. So you testify that you approve of what your ancestors did; they killed the prophets, and you build their tombs.” - Jesus’

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mRNA Vaccines are a Sham. People are Being Injected with Nanotech
When the new ‘mRNA vaccines’ first became available in December of 2020, the American people were told that the ‘mRNA vaccines’ contained lipids that served as a protective bubble around the SARS-CoV-2 mRNA that would make our bodies produce the spike protein. After being injected, our bodies would produce the spike protein and our immune system would p…
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