LANCET today: Breakthrough infections with SARS-CoV-2 omicron despite mRNA vaccine booster dose; BOOSTERS are worthless!!! I guess this is what the WHO and EU regulators knew and that's why they ran!!!

by Paul Alexander

We looked at the data, I did, we have been sharing here and debating; we said this all along; the vaccines failed day 1; boosters with same Wuhan strain MUST fail too; you are INSANE taking boosting!

So that's why these agencies like WHO recently changed their booster tune and all in unison….ah ha, they got wind….they saw something, someone tipped them off that this and others like it were coming…truth be told, I can’t really add anything more to this publication as it speaks for itself…you guys are smart enough to know that if the vaccine content is specific to the Wuhan spike, then how in good heavens would it work against the Delta or Omicron with a different spike??? if the 2nd shot failed? all you do is drive up antibodies but who cares, antibodies are not a measure of immunity…my God, how much these crooks have lied and tried to mislead…

This was to make money, keep the fake pandemic alive, cover up as long as they could, POWER etc…as I have been saying, allow people proper legal defenses but if it is shown you did wrong, JAIL them for a long time, start looking into the actions of Fauci and Pfizer’s CEO Bourla…start there…and Francis Collins of NIH, and with an open clean mind, for they may be innocent…just stupid inept technocrats who love money…but if it is shown wrongs were done, knowingly, I say leave them in jail for many years and take every cent they made…make them walk the streets with no shoes even, these beasts for their policies and actions killed people.

A group of German visitors who had received three doses of SARS-CoV-2 vaccines, including at least two doses of an mRNA vaccine, experienced breakthrough infections with omicron between late November and early December, 2021, while in Cape Town, South Africa. The group consisted of five White women and two White men) with an average age of 27·7 years (range 25–39) and a mean body-mass index of 22·2 kg/m2 (range 17·9–29·4), with no relevant medical history. Four of the individuals were participating in clinical elective training at different hospitals in Cape Town, whereas the others were on vacation. The individuals were members of two unlinked social groups and participated in regular social life in Cape Town, in compliance with applicable COVID-19 protocols. Upon arrival during the first half of November, 2021, each individual tested negative for SARS-CoV-2 by PCR and provided records of complete vaccination, including booster or third, doses administered via intramuscular injection using homologous (n=5) and heterologous (n=2) vaccination courses (appendix p 3).

These were the first documented breakthrough infections with the omicron variant in fully vaccinated individuals after receipt of booster vaccine doses. Some of these individuals had received heterologous vaccine doses, in line with emerging global practice. Booster doses were administered 21–37 weeks after the second vaccine doses, and breakthrough infections occurred 22–59 days thereafter. At the onset of their breakthrough infections, all individuals had high levels of viral spike protein binding antibodies, similar to levels reported 4 weeks following second vaccine doses and as expected after receipt of booster vaccine doses.