LIES! Every single COVID policy by Fauci, Birx, Francis Collins, Ashish Jha, Njoo, Tam, Doug Ford, CDC, NIH, PHAC, Health Canada, SAGE (US, Canada, etc.), all, every single one failed! JAIL them!!!!!

by Paul Alexander

Everything done over last 2 years, every single COVID policy was a fraud, no science, about greed & power, COVID vaccine being the greatest fraud, Bourla, Bancel, Fauci, Francis Collins (4 Horsemen)

All lies, and we start looking into Fauci, Francis Collins, Bourla (Pfizer), and Bancel (Moderna), the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Every lockdown anywhere in this world, every school closure, every busines closure, every mask mandate was known to not work yet was hardened and extended, shoved down our throats, they knew it was not working yet were drunk with power. They knew people, children committed suicide, yet did not stop. Everything they did with the COVID response harmed and killed the people. Never ever helped. We examine them now. We must get accountability.

Trump’s COVID Task Force knew it was all smoke and mirrors and bull shit lies, Biden’s people know and knew its all bull shit, its all a fraud, always was, and they cannot look any of us, McCullough, Risch, me etc. in our eyes. Can’t. Nothing these frauds and thieves of tax payer money did, none of their policies, can be substantiated by anything, any evidence, the CDC knew it was all fraud and lies, the NIH knows and knew this. Same in Canada, the Trudeau and Ford government’s and other provinces’ leaders, cannot substantiate anything they did. And they knew it was a fraud. They made up more and more actions on the people as they went along.

The CDC as the leader fraud, functioned under Trump and continues today under Biden, to operate as a political tool, pure, it is no public health agency, and it works to harm governments it is opposed to e.g. Trump, and cover up and support via its corrupted non-scientific guidance garbage documents in governments it supports e.g. Biden.

The FDA as the regulator knows the COVID injections are a fraud, never ever worked, the data Pfizer and Moderna submitted were cooked and fraudulent, the analysis was meant to deceive, the reporting was to deceive, and FDA knows and knew this and were complicit in the EUA approvals when none should have been given, and the FDA knew the injections were ineffective and harmful and can and do kill. They all conspired, CDC, NIH, FDA, NIAID, their leaders etc. in a filthy corrupted manner to undermine Trump and ensure his response was a failure. It was never his response though for he foolishly allowed them to lead and manage it e.g. Fauci and Birx’s lockdowns. Yet he took the camera glare and they placed the failures in his lap.

Yet no matter how fast they trip over each other now to drop things, to remove mandates, it is the emergency powers we must get reversed, and we must go back, we must go back and investigate each policy decision and each contract where tax money was given out, and examine. We take each policy maker, each decision make, PM’s, MPs, MPPs, Presidents even, all, into proper legal setting with proper public inquiries and we allow them their legal defense and all under proper procedure, and we examine every decision, every doctor, every College of Physicians and Surgeons member, every State Licensing Board member, every medical advisor, all, and we assess them, and if they did proper actions, then we praise, we hug, we love them even, we ensure they are never impacted, never slandered and they get their pensions etc. but if we find they made reckless dangerous decisions and disregarded the science and disregarded proper input, and they corrupted tax payer money, gave out bogus contracts to families and friends, enriched themselves, then we financially penalize them and strip them of every penny, every dollar and we clean them out, and we imprison them too! We lock them all up, anyone who is shown in proper legal inquiry, to have costed innocent lives, lives of healthy people. We jail them! If in proper legal inquiry, in proper public inquiry it is shown and decided by those charged with the examination, in a fair unbiased manner, that persons as part of the COVID response who made policy decisions, caused the deaths of our populations, we jail them!