Listening to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau describe his view on the COVID fraud gene injection; listening to him makes you grasp how inept & incompetent Njoo & Tam are/were

by Paul Alexander

if these are the blockheads he got guidance from for every single word Trudeau states here is utter absurd nonsense, garbage junk, then they MUST be fired for the science & deaths show opposite

We have been witnessing an escalation (in US, UK, globally) in serious adverse effects and deaths ‘suddenly’, dying at dawn as you rise, dying on the field, these sudden cardiac deaths that are happening in clinicians, in our nurses, in pilots (see Makis’s brilliant work), in employees of all types, among our police, military, reports among our fire-fighters, and among our young persons, our teens, many as athlethes. All happening after the COVID mRNA technology based gene injections. Does the Prime Minister of Canada not read the reports? Is he not aware of the global situation analysis? Is he informed save for the pure specious drivel and tripe he is told to utter from Njoo and Tam? We know of brain bleeds post COVID mRNA technology gene injections, burst cardiac aortas, turbo cancers (rapid vicious cancers flaring up from remission and brutal rapid metastasis).

People dying at dawn as they rise and we argue (McCullough, Stock, myself, others) that this is linked to the cathecholamine surge (adrenaline etc.) as one rises, bathing the already scarred heart muscle (myocardium) due to myocarditis. The surging adrenaline (epinephrine etc.) due to an exercise bout or stress (e.g. in the airplane cockpit) can place the scarred myocardium under strain and cause the erratic beats and eventual cardiac arrest. Damar Hamlin is an example.

Is the Prime Minister of Canada aware of the actual ‘real’ data? Or is he more concerned with matching his socks. I do not blame him for the content of that speech, as idiotic and uninformed as he was, for I blame the advisors in the PMO and the health advisors at PHAC and Health Canada who have revealed themselves to be without doubt, among the most inane and vacuous and moronic globally. Case in point, Njoo and Tam. Dumb, stupid, intellectually lazy and academically sloppy. Did not do the work and it shows in the PM’s speech.

Someone should have asked PM Trudeau, you know those in the pink poissy hat pusilanimous attendant crowd, to explain why 80% of the deaths from COVID happened in Canadian-Ontario nursing homes. The utter junk, just pure stupid specious unscientific nonsense this PM spoke defies logic. I felt sorry for him as he spoke for I know the type of advisors he has. They are dumb as door knobs. I am ashamed and he sits there uttering it as if he knows what he is talking about. He made Canada more shameful.

This PM Trudeau like all involved in the COVID response must be investigated for the decisions and polices to assess if the decisions costed lives. Needlessly. Took lives of healthy Canadians. He and all must be asked to defend their positions and policies. No one is beyond accountability. No one. We need proper legal inquiries and Canadian courts to address this, in proper legal forums. We need accountability and justice. Proper, with proper judges etc. In Canada, US, UK, everywhere.

What Trudeau is saying here is so very dangerous, he is targetting you, me, us…he is deciding what is proper information and science. What boggles my mind is he sat there ex cathedra like he knew what he was saying yet it was pure absurdity.

Thanks Mathew for this good scholarship and sharing.

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Justin Trudeau, April 24, 2023
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