Logan Brown: INSANITY of this transgender filth & media & US & Canadian & UK government freaks, perverts trying to mainstream this psychopathy! Logan is a biological female, got pregnant

by Paul Alexander

This is NOT a MAN getting pregnant! Why is the media putting out this lie that this transgender freakshow got pregnant? This IMO is a MADNESS for women can get pregnant all day long! She is NOT a man, she is sick

A pregnant British trans man has been featured on the cover of a magazine, sparking a huge action across the world.

Logan Brown appears on the cover of Glamour UK's Pride edition, sporting his pregnant belly, in photographs taken two weeks before he gave birth. His name became a trending topic online after the magazine was published, with thousands celebrating the new father and thousands more weighing in with criticism.

"Just when you thought Woke Companies could not sink any lower—Glamour UK magazine has featured this 'pregnant man' on the cover to kick off Pride Month," wrote influencer and journalist Oli London on Twitter. "Shame on you @GlamourMagUK for mocking women and everything they have to go through during pregnancy," he said.’ https://www.newsweek.com/who-logan-brown-pregnant-trans-man-glamour-pride-cover-star-sprks-outrage-1803997