Malone Attacks Physician Scientists Drs. Harvey Risch and Peter A McCullough; Dr. Malone angrily tried to discredit & ridicule Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH, and Harvey Risch, MD, Ph.D. Why?

by Paul Alexander

It is no exaggeration to say that these two men are among the most respected, honorable, important physicians & scientists in the world. Many consider them the medical leaders of the health freedom

Malone’s Documented History of Threatening People Who Criticize or Seemingly Compete with Him for Attention

Malone has been attacking and intimidating people who are not even in the freedom movement but who threaten him in some way.   

The February 19, 2022, issue of The Scientist summarizes one encounter:12

Malone has also pursued people who have disagreed with him or have not given him what he says is due credit. In mid-2021, biochemist and mRNA-vaccine co-developer Katalin Karikó, who has been featured in multiple news stories about the vaccines, told The Atlantic,13 that Malone had emailed her to accuse her of inflating her accomplishments. “This is not going to end well,” he told her in the email. Malone told the Atlantic that the message was not intended as a threat. [emphases added]

At this point, it appears that Dr. Malone is trying to bully the leadership of the freedom movement into stopping any criticism of his ideology.

Malone’s escalating attacks on leaders of the health freedom movement, and the disruption he is causing, are consistent with the early observations and predictions by journalist and researcher Diana West. Diana is the author of American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character (2013), a book that digs deeply into the infiltration of the Roosevelt administration and the West by Communists during World War II and thereafter.

On January 28, 2022, Diana published what is still the most ominous and thorough analysis of Malone’s Deep State background and his activities within the health freedom group. She published her report on January 28, 2022, at a time when she and I had lost touch with each other, and we were not aware we were both examining Dr. Malone’s work. She titled her detailed essay “Dr. Robert Malone: A Risk Analysis,” which should be read by all concerned.11 Here is one sequence of her observations: 

Did Robert Malone, Mr. mRNA himself, come out and warn the American public against the hasty, unsafe coronavirus mRNA “vaccine”? No. I guess he abandoned his own risk assessment, because he also says he got “jabbed” himself early on and “almost died” of his second Moderna shot.

Did he warn the public about that? No.

Now to Drs. McCullough and Risch:

Dr. McCullough is a dear friend and a hero to us. I frequently describe him on the air as the most important and most courageous scientist in the health freedom movement and even in the entire worldwide medical community at this critical time in history. McCullough has endured significant hardships that less courageous and less ethical physicians and scientists have avoided by not speaking out. For Malone to add to Dr. McCullough’s burdens, or even to distract him in any way, is a tragic betrayal of a man who initially welcomed him into the movement.

Dr. Risch shares with Dr. McCullough a genuineness and a gentleness that is uncommon in very successful physicians and academics. Like nearly everyone in the health freedom movement, we have followed his amazingly insightful and accurate analyses of COVID-19. Dr. Risch is one of the most dignified, honorable, brave, and effective physicians and scientists that most of us have ever known. And like Dr. McCullough, he is an outstanding worldwide health freedom movement leader and an individual who cordially tries to avoid professional conflicts.

Malone’s Excuse for Attacking Drs. McCullough and Risch

Malone generally attacks people whom he sees as in professional competition with him or who have criticized him, especially about his concept of “mass psychosis.”

Despite the importance of the above controversies and criticisms of Malone, Malone’s attacks on his critics are usually on them personally while ignoring the issues. Here are Malone’s expressed reasons for attacking Drs. McCullough and Risch:

“On a related note, I learned last night that Drs. Peter McCullough and Harvey Risch have joined a company that is promoting overpriced vitamins, nutraceuticals, and telemedicine. The Wellness Company. This firm is headed up by a physician formerly with the Global Covid Summit group, and is now quite antagonistic to us. This firm is controlled by Mr. Foster Colson, head of the Colson group…”

Malone probably learned about the new company because Drs. McCullough and Risch were on journalist Christine Dolan’s show, the night of October 2, 2022, openly discussing their project.4

The Wellness Company is based partly on the now-deceased physician Zev Zelenko, his ideas, and his proven supplements: “This was one of Dr. Vladimir Zelenko’s final projects, and something that he strongly believed was necessary to revolutionize the entire landscape of healthcare.” Mission Statement– The Wellness Company (

Zev Zelenko, MD, was one of the bravest, most resourceful, and most pioneering members of all the heroes of the freedom movement. He also made among the greatest personal, professional, and financial sacrifices. Along with Dr. McCullough, he was another dear friend of ours—like family to us—and he helped me to reach closer to God. 

It is distressing that Malone is now attacking not only a source of income for Drs. McCullough and Risch, but also for Zev Zelenko’s large, bereaved family. The Wellness Company is also a source of valuable, trustworthy services for a public in great need of them.

What also rankles is that Malone’s Deep State connections, which enabled him to gather 10 billion dollars in grants in one five-year period, have almost certainly made him a multi-millionaire.5 Despite his wealth, which in some people produces humility and a desire to help, Malone wants to malign two men who continue to give so much to the freedom health movement and hamper their efforts to participate in an honorable and highly ethical business.

The third Wellness Company member he ridicules, Foster Colson, is a wealthy entrepreneur. He is the Founder and CEO of the company, and the quality of his organization speaks to a substantial investment.

Why is Malone attacking these two men? I suspect it’s because, whatever they thought in the past, they no longer support Malone’s dangerous ideology.   

Malone’s History of Attacking Competitors and Critics

In addition to Malone’s recent attacks on Drs. McCullough and Risch, and in addition to attacking me, he has also attacked courageous journalists Stew Peters and pioneering researcher Dr. Jane Ruby, both leaders in the health freedom movement.6 He has also recently attacked Clay Clark,7 developer of the amazing Reawaken America tour. All three have hosted critics of Dr. Malone’s concept of mass psychosis on their shows or venues, and Stew Peters and Jane Ruby have themselves been critical of Malone’s ideology.  

Except for Malone’s attack on Drs. Risch and McCullough, I have not discussed the details of his verbal assaults on people. I have cited the sources, but I will not repeat such outlandish slurs.

Malone has also attacked Alex Berenson, hinting that Berenson has a mental disorder, which I will not name.8


I very much will like to have a discussion interview with Robert Malone on this, to ask him what is happening here. To help resolve this. I want him to come to my podcast to discuss for there are several questions that could clear things up. I could interview him by zoom or however.