Malone overplayed his hand suing Dr. Peter Breggin and Dr. Jane Ruby; he has already lost & is losing in the court of public opinion; Catherine Austin Fitts is the adult in the room

by Paul Alexander

Catherine Fitts is correct: stop playing the victim card, withdraw the lawsuits & focus on the bad people, not our family! Do some good, help us unravel your mRNA technology

I have zero against Malone, I want him to succeed, in fact I stood on stage with him and did many shows with him ‘initially’, but IMO, he has failed us all remarkably. I was solicited to be a member of his COVID Alliance group yet chose not to be for various reasons. He may even be a better human being than us here. Than you. Me. Who knows? Yet it does not matter in this affair. I do not want to cast aspersions. What matters is since he came around the Freedom Movement, the anti-COVID lockdown lunacy fraud gene injection movement, how has it benefitted. I argue none. It has not. It benefitted none, and he, like many, benefitted. That is the issue. They benefitted, the public did not. The question is, what have they given that improved the situation for the public? Can you point to any improvement due to Malone?

IMO, Malone exploited the COVID fraud. Like others. He is not unique in this regard. But 2-3 years now of nothing. IMO. Entertainment. We are sold a set of shows and that is it. I think we were owed more. Much more. He told you he invented the mRNA technology that is in the COVID shot and which is the reason we have so many adverse effects and deaths as it is the very mRNA technology (no doubt enhanced and encased with LNP) that is harmful, which translates to the spike protein. The spike protein is the toxic business end of the virus and the vaccine. The mRNA technology made it all happen. Yes, the mRNA technology is the ‘engine room’ so to speak. Do you get that? The person that you celebrate for inventing the mRNA technology has benefitted yet told you at no time, how to fix what he invented that is killing you. Do you now get my question to Malone? I am not interested in his horses or to even visit his ranch. Could not care less. I am only interested in saving us, our babies, our kids, our peoples.

His research work is at the heart of the matter (and he told us this) and all I am asking him over and over is to help us understand the crap and to fix it. That is all.

That is my focus ONLY and we are left confused. That you joined his and my substacks and Kirsch’s for etc. All of ours. That you paid your money for. You want answers. Did you get any that would mitigate your risk, did he tell you that he worked quickly (he went back to the mRNA technology lab) to come up with the antidote or a way to turn off what he invented? To shut down the action of the mRNA technology he invented, he said that is in the shot? Did he?

Did he? This is the part that escapes me. He has not. Is the responsibility not his though? Maybe I misunderstand and stand corrected. I truly want answers to fix this. That is all. I/we don’t care about horses and farms and trips and Nobel prizes you were cheated out of and the like. Not interested. Not interested in the social gatherings etc. We just want the deadly COVID gene shot fixed for this is the real legacy of the COVID fraud. We need you Malone to say para “I did this, this is how it works, this is how it harms and this is what we can do to reverse that or stop that and here is what I will do to ensure that”. That is all. The dog and pony ring circus has not worked. Think about it.

We stand waiting for the answers, 2 years now.

Moreover, and similarly, as Fitts would argue, ‘who would sue an 86-year-old guy and his wife for $25 million. I mean, that's not what you do. If you believe in addressing and debating, in a way that respects the First Amendment and free speech. What you do is you debate them, you can debate them in writing, you can debate them in getting on a show and, and debating them fair and square. But I wish you had done that. And my understanding is you had that opportunity and didn't want to do it. So I have to question your commitment to free speech and the First Amendment.’ As per Fitts.

I agree with Fitts.

IMO, no one has damaged the fight against the lockdown lunacy and the fraud gene injection more than Malone, and that is my opinion. I am entitled to one. He has done opposite to what McCullough as one example, has done. There are others. He has chilled debate due to his litigation or threat of, and caused censoring (as well as going after people’s livelihoods) and I will be writing a piece that adds to the recent censoring by EPOCH. It really confuses me what has transpired and how people call on me telling me how many questions they have for Malone but are afraid to write anything or even ask it out loud in case they are sued. Can you imagine that? That this is where we got to in the COVID Freedom Fighter response.

I have written and now editing a piece so that you will then understand how this censoring in the Freedom Movement is orchestrated. The issue is that Malone sits in the middle of every aspect of acrimony and it fascinates me how people are attacked by his lackies (direct, indirect, veiled, hidden and even use donors to flex too) and they not once defend the persons who he has issues with. Again, I will write a substack shortly that will stun you. About this matter, for I am in the business of honesty. I think in some regards Malone’s sycophants are making matters worse or creating the problem. Just allow him to address the concerns of other scientists etc. who have questions. Stop blocking, he is a big boy. Let him handle his business!

Or is it you are sucking up, head so high up his ass you cannot breath let alone think straight anymore, and you know what, you are causing him to do things I know he knows in his heart he should not do. I do not think this is a bad man. I don’t, just very misguided by the fame and the sycophants who want to pimp off him to get shout outs and donor money. That is it.

The hell of it all. I am stating fact. Malone has never told us anything we already did not know. That is the irony. When he opines it is on matters we are already well versed on. Everything he says we in the Freedom Movement, have said in various ways prior.

What he did not do however, was tell us what we needed to know about his deadly mRNA technology and how to stop its ravaging effects e.g. how to stymie or turn off the mRNA or block it from interacting with the translating ribosomes, the polymerase etc. We needed that but got nothing but horses. There still is time, come forward Malone, help fix what your technology has caused. I ask you with open arms, scientist to scientist, let us debate, let us all talk, I urge you to volunteer to go to congress and sing fully, under oath, taking all any questions from the public and proper non-conflicted interviewers, be open and tell us all you know as the inventor of the technology that went into the COVID gene injection. You called it ‘your baby’ or at least your sycophants did.

IMO, this COVID Freedom Movement is about (devolved into) shout outs and platitudes and donor money, it’s a social affair, self-enrichment, syphoning off as much donor money as you can (for it will end soon), and I call you out on my media and you return same and we each grow our media and the like. In circles. It is a game of ‘we scratch each other’s backs’ for donor money. Yet it is the poor person, the donor, the public who loses and have lost.

I ask Malone again to go to congress under oath to answer serious questions. To help save lives. That is all. I do not think he has done anything to help the Movement, thus far. Nothing.

I function as an investigative journalist and beg you Malone, I and others have so many questions. Yet I will not interview you out of conflict. So why not engage in full open unguarded debate, and answer questions. Freely. No threats of law suits if you are questioned or people disagree with you. How does that translate to a law suit? That is sound scientific debate. So why is it changed with regards to you and you, still on top of that, give nothing of substance to fix this. Again, have I missed something? Tell me. I will reverse my stance if I am corrected.

Many have died due to the toxicity of the mRNA technology that is the core of the COVID gene injections. You invented it, you said. You said I heard you say, ‘absolutely’ as to inventing it. Let us join hands and address the mRNA technology in the gene shots properly and help end the harms from the shot. Please help us! You are in a unique position to be transformational. Really of merit. IMO this has not happened. I am hoping you would help us with this mRNA technology based gene injection platform.

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