Malone's Friday funnies...yes we do need something to laugh at today for between the nutballs in DC and the nutball globalists, and the fact that COVID is over but they wont let go...

by Paul Alexander

The issue I have realized is this, we know its over and want to move on but these Karens and Neils do not want to move on; they are angry we are not as fearful as them; insane as that is

Malone’s Friday funnies March 4

Thats the key, they are in fear and are angered we are not fearful like them, that we are not as scared…they cant stand that, so must ensure we are scared too, this is the insanity, ‘I take a vax, you must take a vax…I am at risk now of harm and death from the vax, so you must be too and govn must mandate it to ensure you share same risk as me and I am scared, you must be scared and if you are not scared then we must cancel and dox and smear you using the corrupted media lead by CNN, the corrupted news network…’

Welcome to life in modern USA, Canada, UK, etc.