MONKEYPOX June 23rd 2022; we are damaging immune systems with these COVID shots, & suppressing the immune system; monkeypox is mild at present, localized to men-who-have-sex-men

by Paul Alexander

The vaccinated have suppressed immunity and are immunocompromised due the COVID shots; monkeypox as mild as it is and confined to MSM and bi-sexuals, can become very lethal to the rest of society

Vanden Bossche also warns against what we are doing playing around with monkeypox and not acutely addressing it, with political games and word games and woke BS…monkeypox can become more virulent in humans! We are mocking around and allowing this mild monkeypox to expand in an immunosuppressed population (vaccinated). If you let it expand and spread as you CDC and PHAC etc. are doing now, we will drive it to more virulence societally. Don’t you think we should have cancelled PRIDE for this year? Don’t you think CDC guidance should have not been para ‘if you are infected and still want to go the rave or parties or bath houses then do this’…what mocking insanity is that? Why did you shut entire societies and children down for 2 years and caused suicides yet are afraid to tell the gay and bisexual community to have no sex contact for 2 weeks? I need to know. Why?