More people are shot and killed in Chicago each day, weekend than what happened in Uvalde Texas; most black Americans; why are the democrats & republicans playing bull shit politics? lets be serious!

by Paul Alexander

This is about games and politics, if you care about gun violence, why have you not done anything in Chicago? Why? Are black Americans not important? You democrats & republicans do not care for blacks.

Many many issues needs addressing in the society as we yes, deal with the gun access etc.:

-Home ownership, rent-to-own

-Mental health support; reducing the stigma and taboo around it

-drug use, weed, opioids

-fatherless homes, men not standing up and fathering their child, young person, AWOL; sidelining the father

-improper support of the mother who stays behind to raise the child, young person

-allowing the dark web and internet overtake your vulnerable child

-lack of faith, religious connection

-broken homes, we have to face this, there is a serious crisis when no father is there; lack of leadership in the home

-drop out of school, not going to school

-not proper oversight by parents and teachers of the children

-unhealthy lifestyles e.g. lack of proper nutrition etc.

-poor education system

-lack of being tough on crime

-the impact of lockdowns and schools closures on young children and people now showing up

-viewing too much social media that poisons the mind, the vulnerable mind

-broken borders and people getting into the US getting benefits Americans do not get

-incessant pandemic lockdown messages that are harming the population

-abuse of alcohol

-traumatic childhoods, bullying

-physical abuse and sexual abuse of children in the home


-lack of empowerment of teachers and elders to say something; we have to lean on side of safety

-the re-focus has to be by adults and teachers and all to ‘protect’ children FIRST

-schools are not safe at present so know it is not a safe environment, so treat it as such; position police there at this time

-increasing extra activities in school etc. to keep kids off the streets and engaged

-enhanced mentorship programs; role models paired to kids, especially troubled youth; apprenticeship programs

-proper healthcare, equity and improved access