MOTHER fu***r: SAGE Modeler Admits They Don't Model Good Outcomes For Lockdown Policymakers

by Paul Alexander

I must be drunk reading this by ZeroHedge, great reporting by them here; this is outrageous 'JAILING' stuff...these beasts have caused thousands of deaths with their fake erroneous models

A bunch of narcissistic egotistical lockdown lunatics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Were the skeptics correct? Did they create a pathogen, impose sheer isolation and fear and panic and lock us down and terrorize us with elevated infections and doom and gloom daily for a year and mask us and tell us life will only come back if we vaccinate? A vaccine that is now shown ineffective and even harmful to some and they make billions and trillions…and are we misguided and actually deranged to think our government leaders will back down and stop this insanity?

This beelzebub beast Graham Medley, the chair of the Sage modelling committee, went on record saying that they do not publish or model good outcomes, only extreme worst case scenarios. He explained “saying something could happen is not saying that there's a realistic chance of it happening.”

““Decision-makers are generally on only interested in situations where decisions have to be made.” So he is saying if it is non-eventful or not interesting or not exciting etc., then they are not interested in modeling it. I think this is a major scandal because the fact is that the models are only models and as good as only what variables and parameters you put into it. It is as good as the modeler. You can manipulate it how you want alike the climate change models. You essentially make the linear or logistic multivariable model spit out what you seek for policy. Any model, you manipulate how you want. I went on RUSH Limbaugh once and I explained how our man made bogus models work and he actually was as on top of this...he never bought any of this…

My god, what a scandal that he is even admitting this. So these beasts modeled the worst case for lockdowns knowing too it likely will NOT happen yet the inept illogical and unscientific ‘unthinking’ governments and their irrational specious COVID Task Force advisors run with that as the likely outcome…DOOMSDAY…what insanity….they caused all of this harm with no credible basis. These people have to face legal consequences!!!!!!!!!!

So of course we are left to ask, why would SAGE modelers publish only those doomsday scenarios and not others that are realistic and likely accurate or the likely outcome? To know that business owners, laid off employees, and our precious children hung themselves in the US and globally, committed suicide due to the needless lockdowns and school closures that did nothing other than to cause morbidity and mortality…that caused crushing harms. My research published shows this with over 400 pieces of evidence…

“Revealingly, he seemed to think my question odd: if it's quite plausible that Omicron is mild and doesn't threaten the NHS, what would be the point of including that as a 'scenario'? He seemed to suggest that he has been given a very limited brief, and asked to churn out worse-case scenarios without being asked to comment on how plausible they are.”

These people should face investigations and be held accountable. Their substandard unsound unscientific unrealistic approach and misguided models were used by governments globally to lockdown (headed by US) that turned around and severely harmed people…killed people…espoused by Fauci and Birx…they have to answer.