mRNA injection DOES cause blood clots, just ask Hoffe; The HILL's article today is misleading, it says the mRNA has no clot risks, that's a huge lie and the science/data shows it causes clot risks.

by Paul Alexander


Fraudulent statement that is a pure lie:

“Importantly, the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines do not carry the same risks of blood clots, given they use a different technology than the Johnson & Johnson vaccines.”


Dr. Charles Hoffe who actually saw patients and report on the clots post mRNA vaccine:

When Covid vaccine is injected into your arm muscle the original design intended that 100% of its contents remain there. However it now appears that only 25% of it stays in the arm muscle with the remaining 75% collected by your lymphatic system which is then fed into your circulation. A single dose of Moderna vaccine delivers 40 trillion tiny packages of these RNA molecules with 22.5 trillion of these collected by the lymphatic system. From there these packages enter the bloodstream to be absorbed by the cells that line the inside of your blood vessels and capillary networks.( the vascular endothelium). Once in circulation, little packages of genes are absorbed into the cells lining the inside of blood vessels. The RNA package is opened and the genes are released. The body then gets to work reading these 40 trillion genes further manufacturing trillions and trillions of Covid spike proteins. The purpose of the spike protein is to activating the body’s natural immune system to recognize it as a foreign protein which will make antibodies against in order to protect you from Covid 19.

Once the spike protein is made inside your cell it is pushed out through the cell wall where it sticks to the outside of the cell. This means that the smooth endothelial cells lining the piping system ( your blood vessels ) are no longer smooth. Instead they have lots of spikes protruding into the blood flow. The inside of the ‘pipe’ (blood vessel) where your blood flows must be smooth to be able to deliver oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. This wall also has little ‘signals’ that speak to platelets flowing in the blood to clump were there appears to be a ‘hole or injury (spike) so the leak can be stopped. The endothelium now has all these little spiky bits sticking out because the body is now producing its own spike proteins as well. Blood clots will form because your blood platelets circulating through out your vessels will be activated by hitting these spikes. This becomes worse in tiny capillaries because blood flow slows right down thereby enhancing the production of tiny clots. Note: Purpose of blood platelets is to detect damage vessel and by clumping together will block that vessel to stop bleeding.