Musk thought he was buying an online messaging tool TWITTER as did you; Musk now understands he actually bought an intel bio-security tool used typically for clandestine state activities

by Paul Alexander

It is not his fault, he just did not know that TWITTER is an intel bio-medical security state tool that he really has no control of; he is just the 'owner' of the bio-medical intel state tool

This unique TWITTER was used to feed the bio-medical intel security industrial complex. That this tool was used, with others, to topple and remove a sitting President, ‘while you were sleeping’. And ‘in your face’.

A bio-medical intel security complex. Ineptness of scientists and medical doctors and technocrats as a small ingredient but important one in toppling the POTUS, yet mainly malfeasance to doom his presidency, underpinned by this bio-medical intel security complex, likely simply a shadow of the military industrial complex. Maybe one is subsumed in the other. Time will tell.

Key ingredients of how this bio-medical intel security complex was able to play a role in dooming a POTUS? You have the PREP Act by Azar in early 2020 that absolved all the players including pharma and agencies from liability, you had lie after lie to scare and drive compliance by the public with the lies of asymptomatic transmission, recurrent infection pre-Omicron, inferior natural immunity, equal risk of severe outcomes across all ages, no early treatment, a safe and effective vaccine that would stop transmission, and the grandest tool, the fraud flawed PCR ‘95% false positive’ test which is not a test but a DNA amplification ‘process’. All this under the ‘lockdown lunacy’ umbrella (lockdowns, business closures, school closures, shielding, mask mandates etc. all driven by the lap top ‘zoom’ café latte class). All lies. It was all a lie, the entire COVID pandemic was a lie, 100%. Every single lockdown lunatic policy failed and everything was devised to keep us in a perpetual state of emergency. Using a sub-optimal failed (natural selection driving variants) gene injection that will keep the pandemic going for 100 years.

A bio-medical intel security complex and yes, TWITTER was a key player in its censorship and lies. It helped defraud and deny the American people the accurate information needed for decision-making. I think many at TWITTER, as in FACEBOOK and Youtube etc. must be investigated and jailed if shown they conspired and caused deaths by their policies for in the end, thousands died. Yes, they can be held to account. They should be.


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