NATION is on fire! Being pushed to brink by Biden administration's lawlessness & repubs are EUNUCHS! "Armed Trump supporters protest outside FBI office in Phoenix following Mar-a-Lago raid: reports"?

by Paul Alexander

Now we get reports of armed TRUMP people outside FBI office? This is not right! This is going bad and we need to scale this back and stop this insanity! EUNUCH repubs must help restore law & order!

Is this report real? Is this a false flag set up? The media is proving their corruption with this, their lack of relevance and pure hatred and absurdity.

What we do know is that FBI rank and file who raided Trump must resign and help begin fixing this, flush out the sick bastards at the FBI’s top. Give us the information, leak it out! Come forward! Get in touch with people like Ron Johnson who is a fighter and will help give you protection! Help fix America! We do not need violence nor want it on our law enforcement. Ever!

We want respect to the FBI to return.

We need leadership here to tamp this down and fix the nation now!

Are you saying that this is it? That it’s a duel between the people, the population always and the government and in this case it must get bad? Bloodshed? Why? No, we can address the wrongs of the USA, the greatest nation, without violence. There are very good decent people in FBI, must be! I am hoping they come forward and work with the people to fix this wrong and all wrongs! This is the USA, the greatest nation for good, deserves saving and fighting for! All that is needed now is people to do the right thing and to calm things down. We need to get rhetoric down. We need to have civil discourse and ratchet this down and the facts will emerge, the truth will emerge.


Armed Trump supporters protest outside FBI office in Phoenix following Mar-a-Lago raid: reports

My view is that we have to also wait to get all the details yet I am saying based on all we know, this should not have happened. Trump is not a criminal, not a bad person averse to the US and we can even make that argument about prior POTUSs. This was a POTUS but the hatred for him is so thick, they are deranged.

Trump is asking for documents back???