NATURAL immunity wins again! Abu-Raddad & Altarawneh, 2022 et al.: Protection of SARS-CoV-2 natural infection against reinfection with the Omicron BA.4 or BA.5 subvariants

by Paul Alexander

This study is being added to my BROWNSTONE op-ed that is now 155 and now will be 156 studies/evidence that natural immunity is potent, robust, and long lasting over vaccine immunity


I take tone from Plothe and Vanden Bossche, huge experts in this area. I am grateful for the scholarship and learning from them.

Yes, BA.4 and BA.5 sub-variant clades are presenting a strong immune rechallenge to the immune system (natural immunity) yet reporting is that it is mild and more of a concern for vaccinated persons and high-risk. The numerous mutations on spike suggests that it can be considered a sufficiently different strain, some argue not to call it COVID or even omicron. I leave to the purists.

But remember, we still have early treatment that is highly effective as before (McCullough, Zelenko, Risch, FLCCC etc.), we know that nasal-oral washes (povidone iodine 10%, 3 tablespoons in 500 ml sterile or boiled water as well as hydrogen peroxide, all diluted based on your preference, no swallow, swish and spit, Q-tip to clean out nasal cavity); the data on vaccinal immunity is devastating, it fails and antibody levels wanes near immediately.

We also know e.g. Yahi et al., Liu et al., that the vaccinal antibodies that are largely non-neutralizing, can still bind to the antigen binding domains (receptor binding and N-terminal domains), yet do not neutralize and in fact causes the virus to become more infectious to the vaccinated. This helps explain why the vaccinated person is getting infected and re-infected. It is not any property intrinsic to the virus, it is the non-neutralizing vaccinal antibodies that are causing the massive infection in the vaccinated.

This COVID gene injection must be stopped and never ever given to our children as it will damage their potent developing innate immune system (innate antibodies that are training during a very narrow window in childhood).

156) Protection of SARS-CoV-2 natural infection against reinfection with the Omicron BA.4 or BA.5 subvariants, Altarawneh & Abu-Raddad, 2022

“Estimates the effectiveness of previous infection with SARS-CoV-2 in preventing reinfection with Omicron BA.4/BA.5 subvariants using a test-negative, case–control study design. Cases (SARS-CoV-2-positive test results) and controls (SARS-CoV-2-negative test results) were matched according to sex, 10-year age group, nationality, comorbid condition count, calendar week of testing, method of testing, and reason for testing. 

Effectiveness of a previous Omicron infection against symptomatic BA.4/BA.5 reinfection was 76.1% (95% CI: 54.9-87.3%), and against any BA.4/BA.5 reinfection was 79.7% (95% CI: 74.3-83.9%). 

Results using all diagnosed infections when BA.4/BA.5 dominated incidence confirmed the same findings. Sensitivity analyses adjusting for vaccination status confirmed study results. Protection of a previous infection against BA.4/BA.5 reinfection was modest when the previous infection involved a pre-Omicron variant, but strong when the previous infection involved the Omicron BA.1 or BA.2 subvariants.”