No No No, you Fauci & Walensky & Francis Collins & Njoo & Tam & Trudeau & Doug Ford & CDC, & NIH & FDA & Biden et al; you now running to reverse your lunacy, but you skipped a step, ACCOUNTABILITY

by Paul Alexander

You now running to reverse all the MADNESS you did, so you DID it & wrecked lives, you & medical doctors who betrayed us, & now you just going on to 'let's move on'; I say NO, you are to account, JAIL

You cannot skip the in-between step, the accountability; You cannot just go from your lunacy to now ‘let’s all open up fast and forget all that we did’….NO, we cannot do this as we open up and go on, we have to investigate you all for accountability, we need answers, and show all who did wrong and punish you and jail you too if shown you caused deaths (and we can show that)…we have to take your money and jail you for your lunacy, your lockdown lunacy killed people…killed out children. All who benefitted, all who stole COVID relief, all…no matter level.

You people hurt us, your actions and policies killed us, we lived 2.5 years vacillating between sheer terror and depression to boiling anger and rage for what you did to us. We could not even bury our dead, we lost children who committed suicide due to your lockdowns. So you must be held accountable for all along we gave you the correct evidence. You were power drunk lunatics and refused to act based on the correct evidence! Malfeasant people.

We punish you as long as it takes.

You must be jailed!