On the success of The Wellness Company (TWC) USA, Mr. Foster Coulson, CEO, has spearheaded implementation of TWC Canada, to address the health gaps and work within confines of Canada's system

by Paul Alexander

The aim is to redefine healthcare in Canada with preventative medicine and uncensored information that follows medical science and not political science; telehealth services, supplements etc.

The official launch is May 14th 2023, Mother’s day.

I, Dr. Paul Alexander am joined by Drs. Trozzi, Makis, Ponesse, and Hodkinson, as well as Drs. McCullough, Amerling, Risch, and Gessling in this huge venture. I would add that I am working with Foster to roll out TWC Caribbean in short course.


Remember, it is about empowering you also, as you work in your own way with your doctors as well as seek second opinions etc.

Take a look at our TWC Canada (one of) logos and tell me too what you think? We are looking at variations but the message is straightforward, whereby TWC Canada seeks to add to the health care in Canada to help save lives and improve outcomes, while working within the structure of Canada’s healthsystem.

We seek to work with the Canadian government (any party affilitation) as well as provincials, in any and many ways that they would allow that could help improve health and well-being. This is no competition, this is about unity, collaboration, sharing, empowering and building for the future. This is about saving Canadian lives as we tackle real societal issues e.g. metabolic syndrome (MS) is a key disorder that plagues many first and even developing nations whereby MS underpins many serious conditions such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes etc. You have enlarged waist circumference (males and female), BMI, elevated blood sugar, cholesterol, lipids etc. The issue is taking the adaptive steps to reduce these antecedents of serious disease.

We can.

TWC seeks to educate Canadians on this critical disorder (as one example) and provide information and guidance to help mitigate the risk and thus save lives. Improved living, choices, nutrition etc.

I am asking you to strongly consider joining TWC Canada and help redefine healthcare in Canada. We will achieve this through preventative well-care and uncensored health and wellness information. By becoming a TWC Canada member you receive amazing discounts, exclusive content from leading medical experts and will be part of a community standing against medical tyranny in Canada.

Key issues to consider, key strengths of TWC Canada:

·TWC Canada provides all-natural products like supplements or dental products to help you look and feel your best

·TWC Canada will soon deliver preventative wellcare to keep you happy and healthy while unburdening the national health system

·Being a TWC Canada member means you have access to great deals, exclusive content and a community of people who share your values

·Join TWC to redefine healthcare in Canada and take a stand against medical tyranny with our amazing memberships. 

Please join us to redefine healthcare in Canada with preventative medicine and uncensored information that follows medical science not political science. Unlock your health and get back to that pre-COVID feeling.

Go to: twccanada.health

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