Page 23 Table 1, this Pfizer report gotten by FOIA Tom Fitton's Judicial Watch/JW (huge praise for JW, thank you!), shows that the lipid nano-particle (mRNA & spike by extrapolation)....

by Paul Alexander

leaves the injection site & enters the blood stream, entering ovaries, adrenals, and majorly in liver...see 48 hours post injection in rat model...this data was hidden and JW got it...use it in court

FOIA by Judicial Watch Tom Fitton, a real patriot

As you see, the injection site has lots of the vaccine content (LNP), but so does the liver, the adrenals, the ovaries…this is the animal model and the vaccine developers failed to study this in humans and tried to hide this data for 75 years…this is catastrophic data for it tells us something terrible which is that the spike protein and its toxicity can go all over the body post injection, and can have toxic effects on the blood vessel walls and tissue across the body. The spike has emerged as an endothelial pathogen that damages the glycocalyx that coats the endothelial layer of the inner lumen of the vasculature and damage to this lining causes blood clots and bleeding and devastating sequelae.