Paul Pelosi: they whispering "set up crap, not real, made up, a hail Mary to save Democrats, to save the speaker, they say hammer and all"; I don't know, I can't believe that, I say not so

by Paul Alexander

I have to ask, where was the outrage when Senator Rand Paul was terrorized and harmed or Steve Scalise? To run so fast to link it to January 6th etc.? That gives me pause, but I can't say a fake, YET.

You must not say those things. Do not do that if you do not have proper information. They say they are 100% certain staged.

What? No, you must be a conspiracy theorist. Cannot be.

Some say the assailant went too far and was not to inflict damage etc. His role. I can’t believe that. Yikes, that would be taking it to another level.

Look, what our governments did with this pandemic, this fraud virus they created and released, the entire fraud COVID lockdown lunacy response, the deaths from the lockdowns, how they with doctors sent people home to die and not treat with early treatment, how they brought a fraud fake vaccine out of the box with fraud data to FDA e.g. a 95% RRR when the ARR was 0.7% and Pfizer hid/omitted 3,000 subjects that took the RRR below 20% so not even reaching the 50% threshold for EUA…I agree, when you think they have mandated a fraud failed ineffective vaccine, mandated it and it has killed people, when they killed people with sedation e.g. midazolam, diamorphine, that they used the failed EBOLA drug Remdesivir that was kidney and liver toxic and killed our parents and grand parents, when they worked only to admit, sedate, intubate and then ventilate or elderly when the ventilators was killing people…so with these things, I can believe anything now, that our governments would take part in killing us, YES, 100% now I believe….that they would mandate dangerous vaccines on our police and military that today thousands are vaccine injured and do not know and will die in time alike how others have died, that they would lie that vaccine immunity was superior to natural immunity and force mandate, that they locked people out and caused them to commit suicide, destroyed. That their school closures caused children to self harm and commit suicide. Yes, I know our government, the malfeasants among them (not all) would kill us for some gain. I do believe now.

So as crazy as it sounds yet not implausible, I do not believe that. Violence like this is not supposed to happen and should not, regardless of political stripe or if you do not like someone or approve of them. Criminals must be held accountable and we are sick and tied of the bullshit excuse ‘mental ‘illness’.



When you consider all they did, the Fauci and Birx and Walensky and Francis Collins of the world, the Bourla and Bancel of the world, the Baric and Daszak of the world, then you got my attention. But to say the attack on Paul Pelosi was a fraud and staged, however it went down, well maybe it’s a stretch for me.

I would believe anything today, but that, please give me some more intel, show me something more. It is very interesting and troubling but nah, not yet. Show me more.

I do wish him a speedy recovery. Actually I heard in media he will make a 100% recovery.