"People lives matter"; you got to understand, the past, 2.1 years ago as we know it, is no more, it is gone, but what lays ahead is magical if we trust in our own strength and be brave

by Paul Alexander

There is no going back to December 2019.

There is no where to go back to as they have damaged too much and changed too much, it is over, it is gone.

’It doesn't matter how uncomfortable this may be. We must persist and we will.
When Trump showed up the scene he did so at the absolute red line/ at the nick of time. These luciferians had FAR worse plans for the world and many of them have already been avoided. We cannot go back to clinging to the central banks, the corrupt food systems, the lies of the mainstream media. All must be brought down and exposed.

When the Israelites were freed in Exodus they could not return. To look back was folly. Instead of longing for times of comfort.. we should embrace the battles that lie before us. We were born to live in this day. We can thrive in the storms with the proper mindset.

If there is a food shortage God's people can multiply the food. If there is a storm, we can be the peace for the world. If there is a stronghold, we can tear it down.
God is doing something so special in our hour. He's showing up and showing out. There's nothing to be afraid of but do not long to return to more simple times. Those days are a mirage. They do not exist anymore. And we shouldn't want them to.’

All we need, that strength, lies deep inside of us already, we have what we need, we just need to surface it and bring it out…we are at the moment in time we were born to be in, all our lives is for this moment and we eight shrink away or we rise, we unify and rise to the occasion and we wage the battle of all times, peacefully, civilly, legally, morally, and a battle it is and a must, and we work not for violence, but to awaken people, we take messages, we inform, we open eyes…this is how we win this…