Pfizer (and Moderna) & FDA, the UNHOLIST of alliances, corrupted to the very core, did not test if the COVID gene injection stopped transmission? What else did they not test for? Dr. Koops weighs in

by Paul Alexander

You look at the list and add to what we are saying was done wrong (I argue some level of mal-intent, recklessness, and ineptness) by Pfizer et al. e.g. did not test for genetic mutations in the host

I have no other way to say it other than this: the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, this entire COVID vaccine development, the data, the data submitted to FDA, the FDA, all players, committed fraud on the American people. Fraud. The FDA committed fraud on the nation. The data shows the vaccines never worked, out of the box. The FDA knew it and should have never granted EUA. This mRNA gene delivery platform is a failure, ineffective, and harmful. It is not that it does not work, that is a fact, but that it is deadly and never ever give this to your healthy children. Never!

Pfizer and Moderna also:

-did not test whether there were any serious drug interactions with other commonly used medicines/vaccines.

-did not test whether there were genetic mutations in the host 

-did not test whether the "vaccine" became systemic or stayed restricted to the injection site

-did not test whether "boosters" were actually beneficial (they simply stated that as the initial protocol as a two dose protocol without any data to support it)

-did not test whether the "non-active" ingredients caused any problems (these were not normal excipients-some of the placebo arm data suggests that these were also causing problems)

-did not test whether the "vaccine" was transmissible from the recipient

-did not test as to metabolic elimination of the vaccine from the host, i.e. how long does it remain active in the host 

-proposed a product specification that would essentially allow for almost anything to pass

-did not account (i.e. screen) for a rather pronounced natural immunity already in the population

-conducted most of their studies outside of the US in countries that have been known for questionable clinical studies (Brazil in particular)

-had virtually no stability data

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