Pfizer & Moderna COVID gene therapy mRNA/DNA platforms (are NOT vaccines) are dead on arrival (DOA), FAILED! Don't work, ineffective, harmful, cause deaths! Paxlovid & Molnupiravir also fails!

by Paul Alexander

Like the fraud pandemic, like the manufacture of the chimeric virus via Gain-of-Function by Francis Collins & Fauci to kill Americans, like the fraud lockdown lunatic response, all is a fraud failure!

The bivalent booster has failed, all the vaccines do not work, there is negative effectiveness and the vaccinal antibodies wane rapidly, there is the emergent issue of immune tolerance (IgG4 class switch etc.), there is constant viral immune escape, original antigenic sin, and antibody-dependent enhancement of infection, constantly.

The vaccinal antibodies do not match the circulating variants. It cannot work, and certainly not better than natural exposure immunity which confers protection to a broad range of targets on the viral ball, not just the mutable spike protein.

Should people take any of these COVID injections?

No, no reason to. They have failed and are subverting your immune system. All involved with the vaccine know this, at this time, it’s money making time. The COVID gene injection mRNA-DNA platform is deadly!


Investigate all involved for they did this deliberately, and continue to, and if guilty, if knowingly guilty, take their money and imprison them! It is that serious what they have done!