Photos with Senator Ted Cruz from the People's Convoy March 10th 2022 at the staging area Maryland, 60 miles or so North of DC...

by Paul Alexander



Truckers rising early at the Maryland staging area…we have about 15,000 vehicles now…in the convoy…it stretches 50 miles long

The flag on the back of the flat bed we were allowed to roll into DC outside the capitol (this truck had to go to a special site first to be checked fully by dogs and bomb experts and all sorts of checks and it was very good to see the steps taken to keep our capital safe) was given to the convoy leaders to be given back to the family in Texas; it belonged to a WW II veteran whose casket was draped with it; it has some shredding now but the family asked that we keep the speed low to retain it as much as can be as this truck leads the convoy and has moved 3000 miles so far, and to return it at the end but to try to get it into DC and we did; the family told that this flag represents freedom more than anything since WW II and what he died for and this situation now is a fight for freedom, and if we can get this flag into downtown DC it will be a victory for their fallen husband/father/grand father; all she asked is just bring it back to them in Texas if we get it to DC…'“MISSION ACCOMPLISHED’