Premier Peckford's reponse to CTV's publication listing him, Hillier, Hodkinson, and myself as influencers of the Trucker Convoy.

by Paul Alexander

‘Smear The People —CTV —If Ever You Thought There Was Any Honesty Left In The Mainstream Media , Forget It !! I Dare You , Publish This!!

So its CTV ‘s turn to SMEAR!

Now its the influencers NOW.

Including me.

Did they contact me . No!!!

Just smear and misrepresent.

Like—-I was not a signatory to the Constitution Act 1982, Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Here is what they are carrying :

‘BRIAN PECKFORD: Brian Peckford, the former premier of Newfoundland and Labrador, is the chairman of the group “Taking Back our Freedoms,” which claims that COVID-19 restrictions and mandates they claim are “unlawful.” The group also says it encourages Canadians to reject “forced” COVID-19 vaccinations for children, a practice which is not currently happening in Canada. 

Peckford, who claims that mandates are unconstitutional, is frequently cited by convoy supporters as “the last living” signatory of the Constitution Act, 1982. The royal proclamation that brought the act into effect was signed by others who are alive and well, like Queen Elizabeth II and then justice minister Jean Chretien, who later became prime minister. Peckford is the last surviving premier involved in the negotiations of the constitution.’

Let’s look at this.

Children have been coerced , parents coerced ——you want to to use the word ‘forced .’ Well spit hairs all you like. Did you see the ads? Oh, how about the children who cannot play sports if not vaccinated?? What do you call that?

Now—-the Constitution . I am the last living first minister that signed the Patriation Agreement which became the Constitution Act 1982 in which the Charter of Rights and Freedoms is found.

Understand CTV? —-without the Patriation Agreement , no Constitution Act 1982. Same words —-the final signing —the formality were the representatives of the Governments—London , Ottawa.

Got it, yet.

I know it hurts , CTV —mainstream MEDIA , but it was a proposal from Newfoundland that led to the Agreement in the first place .

Red faces yet??

Oh, and do you remember? Of course you don’t———that the Supreme Court of Canada Decision of September , 1981 rejected the unilateralism of Papa Trudeau —Justin’s Daddy, and that you needed a majority of Provinces and the Federal Government to change the Constitution or Amend it. That is what led to the Partiation Agreement that became the Constitution Act of 1982.

Without the signatures of a majority of Provinces and the Federal Government —NO CONSTITUTION ACT 1982.


That’s the signature all of those supporters of mine are talking about. Thy know more than you do, sadly.

Try to spit hairs and deflect the truth , that’s what you are about!!

Oh, CTV , do you have the nerve to go to page 270 of my best selling book of 2012 ( Some Day The Sun Will Shine And Have Not Will Be No More) and see the written proposals leading to the final proposal with the names of the First Ministers there?

That’s why the mainstream media are so mistrusted , they twist the truth and now its deliberate .

I dare you———CTV , PUBLISH THIS!!!!’