Prime Minister of Italy, Giorgia Meloni, this is why you got to admire & love this lady, slamming France & Europe's filthy oligarchs who pimp off & live off & rape poor nations, fattening themselves;

by Paul Alexander

"The solution is not to bring Africans to Europe, but the solution is to unshackle Africa & similar poor nations from Europeans who rape them for their resources, leave them alone, stop raping them!

I agree with Meloni 100%. Let these people develop themselves and use their own resources. Stop eviscerating them for your own benefit. Pay them fairly too. She understands also that in these nations, there are very bad people who are bad in their own countries. Rape, murder, etc. Why would you bring them to the west and unvetted? Which sane nation builds it own funeral pyre? Obama tried hard to Islamize the US not with good muslims (as many are good people), but with jihadists, and he succeeded in brining in some bad people and now Biden is doing same but by brining in some bad people from South America and the same jihadists via South America. Why is it that the democrat party hates America and seeks to destroy her?