Ramesh Thakur: "FEATURES AUSTRALIA; Covid accountability must come before any ‘amnesty’ No forgiveness, sorry. Not now, not ever." Spectator Australia

by Paul Alexander

Big gonads Ramesh standing up and tall, huge praise



The mainstream media is slowly starting to raise the possibility that control measures may indeed be causing more deaths, especially in younger people. Lockdowns caused cascading economic disasters. National wealth is an essential enabler of first-world health services. Yet they covered up their mulishness by vilifying lockdown critics as wanting to prioritise the economy over lives. Lockdowns and mask and vaccine mandates, rooted not in science but in smug self-righteous groupthink and assumptions-driven modelling, made a metaphorical bonfire of cherished liberties and freedoms. All the institutional checks on arbitrary abuses of power failed miserably, from parliament and the judiciary to human rights machinery, media and professional associations. No rational public health harm-benefit analysis could justify the lockdown restrictions and mandates. Not then, not now.’