Salvatore et al. in this one study should resound to policy makers that vaccinated are no less contagious than unvaccinated when symptoms develop

by Paul Alexander

There is absolutely no evidence to support this unethical, violative, and illogical policy and action to separate vaccinated and unvaccinated. This has emerged to be a situation of power, forced compliance, and money, grift and graft by vaccine developers pushing boosters that are worthless. They may give some relief for a very short period but then falls flat again and you must consider the toxic side effects of the vaccine as you weigh the benefits vs harms and when alternatives are available such as your gift of innate and natural immunity and early treatment and now we also know of the potency of nasal and oral mouth washes that can kill this pathogen and OTC even. We have so many options for this and omicron has emerged as very mild,, like the common cold.

Tearing societies apart with no sound justification. The unvaccinated are not a threat to the vaccinated and if what we are seeing do indeed play out, if how we understand that the vaccinal antibodies function to suppress and outcompete the innate and acquired immunity antibodies, then it is the immune systems of the unvaccinated with their innate and natural immunity, if they can ‘hold’ and withstand the forces to vaccinate, that will pull us out of this pandemic. Its is the immune systems of the unvaccinated that may well be our ticket out of this vaccine insanity. I lay out the evidence to make my case for the evidence seems clear that the vaccinated are no less contagious than unvaccinated when symptoms develop.  

Salvatore wrote: “As this field continues to develop, clinicians and public health practitioners should consider vaccinated persons who become infected with SARS-CoV-2 to be no less infectious than unvaccinated persons.”

This finding and the clarity of the reporting is stellar.