Shane Warne: YES, IMO the Robert Malone, Katalin Karikó & Drew Weissman's mRNA technology (that enriched them) based gene COVID injection vaccine KILLED Shane Warne as it did many!

by Paul Alexander

Malone, Weissman, Karikó et al. have escaped answering serious questions because the Freedom Fighter media like EPOCH's head is so far up Malone's anus; maybe one day, journalism will return

Over to you, Jan. Your depth is excellent, hopefully you disengage from the embargo on questioning Malone et al. and return to your fantastic roots of pure journalism. We await.

Anytime you wish Robert Malone, text me, I will ask you the questions your dog and pony show doctors and scientists (whom I worked with prior) will not, anytime. And every dollar, for we know how you love to raise money, I will ask you to commit to donate to all those vaccine injured and killed (their families) likely by your and Weissman and Karikó et al. mRNA technology that is at the heart of the fraud deadly COVID gene injection. If you wish, we can get someone else to probe you, to your satisfaction. Name place and time.


Daily Skeptic did fine scolarship here too, I commend.

‘Leading doctors have concluded that the death of legendary Australian cricketer Shane Warne was likely precipitated by the Covid mRNA vaccine that he had taken approximately nine months prior to his sudden cardiac death. His post mortem findings revealed coronary atherosclerosis.

Cardiologists Dr. Aseem Malhotra and Dr. Chris Neil, who is President of the Australian Medical Professionals Society, have concluded that the Covid vaccine can cause a rapid acceleration of coronary disease especially in those that may already have undetected mild disease. Dr. Malhotra has further concerns that the Covid mRNA vaccines may be masking angina by damaging heart nerves, resulting in patients not experiencing the chest pain that typically precedes a diagnosis of severe blockages in the heart arteries, leading to detection not occurring until it’s too late, with the first symptoms often presenting as a cardiac arrest.

Shane Warne was found unresponsive in his hotel room in Thailand in March last year.

The doctors have called for the immediate suspension of Covid mRNA vaccines globally pending an investigation into serious side-effects, including late onset heart attack and sudden cardiac death.

Shane Warne’s best friend, the former international cricketer Dimitri Mascerenhas, has supported the calls, saying Shane himself “wouldn’t want others to be harmed”.’

And you sycophantic ass licker doctors and scientists in Malone’s camp, stop attacking TWC, stop attacking McCullough and Foster and I etc. Go do some real work. TWC is one of the few companies making a difference. Stop threatening TWC to black ball me, won’t happen. Stop going at Malik and Aseem because they are talking to us about TWC Europe’s role and larger. Start by asking right questions and getting off the Malone reservation of misdirection and horses and farms and bull shit and return to objective science and inquiry. Maybe then I will re-respect you, until then, you are a bunch of idiots, embarassing yourselves for the public ‘gets it’. Its always about money for you, we know. Fame, ego, stage. Thats why I divorced your sorry asses. Won’t get me on a stage with your money whores any time soon. I know who you are and have been playing with you. Playing with you. I hold regard for met many of your families so out of respect for them, not you, you money whore. But by God, you come at me, and I will open you media wise.

Oh, what did you just whishper, “we got to go after Paul, he is dropping bombs on us, he has no respect for us”…well, I have none, zero, and I invite you to come at me, I wish to write openly about each one of you. I can and will. I will punish you ppenly…as you seek to punish me. Take your best shot at me!