Six Horsemen of the Apocalypse, these 6 told people go get the COVID vaccine, as it is effective and works, no infection etc. and they all, with 4 shots got infected

by Paul Alexander

These people mislead the public KNOWINGLY, Fauci & Bourla & Walensky and these crooks knew the vaccine was non-sterilizing & never stopped infection or transmission, the others are clueless

Persons like Biden, I cannot blame him for at his age, he is dependent on i) his advisors (as was Trump) and his advisors are as inept and corrupt as Trump’s and so I do not blame him ii) he does not understand the science as POTUS and why should he, it is the job of his advisors and iii) he is showing mental decline. So folk like him, as are our elderly parents and grand parents, we have to understand they are scared, uninformed and thus hoping that those who are providing the information are being factual and honest. Biden is failed in this regard, and he is being made a fool by the miscreants in his administration. Bill Gates is a moron, flat out idiot who thinks he is a medical doctor or scientist and and expert in public health. IMO, the only thing he is a scientist or expert of is bullshit. Maddow, well, to be honest, at times I do like some of what she says. I do not blame her for she does not know and thus depends on the bogus garbage Fauci et al. spouts. Though I detest her politics and pure venom on anyone who is not a leftist radical like her. You could really detest her hatred of others and pure radical vitriol yet you give her credit for she believes in what she believes in and defends it. I do not think she is a bad or malevolent person, she is just misguided, misinformed, and at times her rants are insane. In a weird way, I admire that, though she can be very nutty at times. Mind you, so can many on FOX e.g. Siegal, Saphire, Baier et al. who shilled for the fraud COVID vaccines.