South Africa vs India & COVID vaccines & resulting infection/cases: the former stood their ground & said 'NO' & used early treatment & prophylaxis, the latter did same but now folded & trouble???

by Paul Alexander

be careful India, the vaccine may be a problem...let us wait to see if the case rises and possible deaths are transient or a result of the vaccine; hopefully transient and idiosyncratic

Poorer nations, African as an example, could not get vaccine and pushed it off, and now shows they benefitted over the higher vaccinated nations with massive infections, and deaths post vaccine. Africa saved their children’s innate immune systems since the antigen-specific, high-affinity COVID vaccinal antibodies block the innate antibodies from binding to the live virus (spike antigen binding sites) so as to train the innate immune system e.g. NK cells (especially in confronting virus now, educating the NK cells on recognizing the range of other viruses will confront in the future especially when the innate antibodies are no longer training, and key, is in recognizing ‘self’ from ‘non-self’ and self-like and self-mimicking), and thus by staving off COVID vaccine, they helped saved the continent. Huge praise!

Japan, high vaccinated 1st world nation, glaring so I wanted to include:

South Africa:


Numbers low but still increasing, we need to pay attention here: