SPIKE Protein Detoxifier (with NATTOKINASE): COVID gene injection (mRNA) 'SPIKE Recovery' formulation may help manage amount of spike protein in your body & address LONG COVID sequelae

by Paul Alexander

I support the use of this nattokinase formula. Read my prior substack for full background on spike protein detoxifier (for both virus and vaccine induced spike protein that is very toxic and harmful)

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SPIKE Protein Detoxifier: COVID gene injection SPIKE Recovery may help manage LONG COVID, the amount of spike protein in your body, inhibits effects & blood vessel blockage, supporting T-cell activity
Spike protein (due to the COVID vaccine or virus) is becoming increasingly concerning and people are begging for solutions. They are scared and in many instances distraught as to the spike circulating within them. As a result, a spike detoxifier is needed. This detoxifier can potentially help manage the amount of spike protein in your body (especially s…
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Note, persons on any blood thinning must consult their doctor as nattokinase is a natural blood thinner and you do not want to take in too much so please consult your doctor; pregnancy or breastfeeding women are not to use as well as persons under 18 (we are developing a spike detoxifier for persons under 18 at present)